Looking good is not enough, but…

In his book, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, Daniel Hamermesh (Labor Economist at the University of Texas) published the results of his lifelong studies on how physical beauty affects employment and earning potential. He shares some thought-provoking observations about the relationship between

  • self-esteem,
  • intelligence,
  • relationships
  • and earning power.

He also suggests that attractive people bring more money to their companies, and therefore are more valuable employees. He shares his theories why attractive people earn an average of three or four percent more than people with below-average looks, which ends up being $230,000 more per year assuming an hourly rate of $20. He also suggests that attractive people may

  • get hired sooner,
  • get promotions more often
  • and rank higher

within their companies. You are more likely to receive opportunities within your organization or company if you are presentable and professionally dressed; this is because those who are higher up in your company want to put their best foot forward with their employees. For those who are meeting with clients or involved in business meetings, it is important to look the part in order to progress.

First Impressions Reminder:

Many of us want to deny that there is a payoff to looking good. Yet from the moment we are old enough to recognize ourselves in a mirror we are concerned about our looks. It’s a sensitive topic that touches everyone and while you might think it’s an unfair stereotype or simply superficial, what I suggest you to consider is that only if you take care of yourself first that people will think you have the ability to take care of others too – and that can likely help your career. This may include eating healthy, ensuring your hair is well-kept, putting thought into what you are wearing, keeping physically active, and taking care of the small things such as oral care and professional use of makeup. While some of these things may sound trivial for your place of work or position you hold, it will not take much for you to take advantage of this workplace benefit. While it may add a few minutes to your morning routine, you will work in your favor for the remainder of your career as you may receive pay increases, promotions, or additional opportunities in your workplace due to your professional and put together demeaner. If you feel this is an area you need a lot of work in, start small and ask for help. Maybe you start with getting a haircut and getting advice from your stylist about how to best style your hair in the mornings for work. Getting tips that will be sustainable for your lifestyle will ensure you will continue showing up as your best self. If you feel your clothing does not fit you or represent you well, hire a personal stylist or shopper to get you a few outfits that will be suitable for your workplace. Once you get a good idea of your size and what to shop for, you’ll be able to keep this up on your own! It does not matter where you start, as long as you take the first steps and are committed to bettering yourself for the sake of your career development.

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