Body Odor

There’s a common saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff”…

And then there’s body odor. Some of the most embarrassing grooming issues in the workplace have to do a personal care basic—deodorant.

Many of us don’t like to talk about sweat management, as it can often be a sensitive topic. Whether you sweat when you’re nervous, or you feel you sweat consistently throughout the day, it is something to plan for before your next interview or meeting.

Ninety-three percent of HR professionals in a recent Gillette survey said body odor or sweat stains are big red flags when it comes to meeting job candidates. Although most acknowledge that sweating when nervous is natural and not something to blame someone for, it is something that most interviewers and employers expect candidates to be aware of so that they can manage it professionally. If you are aware of your shortcomings or bodily reactions when going into an interview, you will be prepared to combat them for the sake of minimizing distractions. Knowing that you’re protected from sweat stains and body odor can help you maintain confidence.

First Impressions Reminder:

While it can be challenging to control nervous sweating, we can be sure to plan for it! This may look like keeping an extra deodorant or antiperspirant with you on the go. This will ensure that wherever you are, you can freshen up throughout the day, so that body odor does not distract or take away from your effectiveness as a professional.

Another great tool to utilize for sweating profusely is choosing the right clothing to minimize the appearance of swear. Wearing colors or prints make it less visible when you are sweating, or simply layering. If you are wearing a solid color, it is more evident when the color is darkened by sweat, whereas if you are wearing a print, it is harder to notice any sweat marks because the pattern distracts the eyes. Or, if you know you will sweat through your shirt, wear a light blazer overtop.

Layering can be a great option for sweating, especially if you are sweating because you are nervous, not because you are overheated. This will ensure that even if you sweat through your initial layer, it likely will not soak through your second layer and be noticed by those around you. This will maintain your professional look and hide any sweat stains.

Finally, apart from having a spare deodorant in your car or bag to freshen up throughout the day as needed, maybe keep a small size fragrance. Whether it is a travel-sized cologne, perfume, or roll-on essential oil, these can be very helpful when you feel as though body odor is coming out. This will take away from the scent of body odor and your deodorant so that you have a pleasant smell going into interviews or meetings. This can benefit you in more than one way as our sense of smell is one of our strongest and can leave a lasting memory on those around you.

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