Does size matter in the workplace?

Size matters. It really does.

Does size matter in the workplace? The Center for Talent Innovation surveyed more than four thousand college-educated professionals and senior executives and found that sixteen percent said it’s essential for men to be tall, compared to just six percent for women. Being short is linked to negative stereotypes like low self-confidence and emotional instability.

Another study published by ScienceDirect says that the perks start (yet do not end) with

  • earning more money and
  • making one more likely to be an entrepreneur,

as opposed to working a 9-to-5 office job. These are assumptions that potential employers or colleagues could be passing simply based on one aspect of appearance.

Whereas, tall employed people said they were more pleased with their professional lives than did shorter employees. This may come down to treatment in the workplace, among many other reasons for being unsatisfied with one’s workspace. However, if many people see their shorter employees or colleagues as having a lower sense of self-confidence and being a small voice in the workplace, this may be a contributing factor to lack of happiness and fulfillment within the workplace and career as a whole.

First impressions reminder:

If you are tall, make sure to not “look down” on other people. Tall people often do this, literally tilting their heads back (fooling themselves that they are taller than they actually are) or making short people feel uncomfortable by bending all the way down. And while height and power might not always correlate, keep in mind that influential people very often overestimate their own height (and vice versa).

If, on the other hand, you are short, keep in mind that you can use illusion dressing to your favor—by simply wearing a different type of shoe, steering clear of a certain cut of clothing, or using vertical lines and colors to lengthen your visual appearance. If you are a woman, maybe wear shoes with some height on them to give you a few extra inches. Wearing pants with a higher waistline can trick the eyes into thinking you have longer legs, which often gives the appearance of height.

There are many ways to give off the illusion of being taller than you are, but one of the best tips I can give you is to stand tall! Literally, stand tall and act confidently, and everyone will think you are even taller. Nothing makes you appear taller than confidence! I often see people who are not confident in themselves or what they have to offer trying to make themselves look physically smaller. This is done through slouching, standing off kilter, or wearing clothes that are baggy and do not fit well. Not only does this impact your physical appearance to those around you, but it also shifts the mindset of your colleagues and employers to think of you as small.

Whether it be personality wise, meek, or unassertive in business matters, this does not benefit you. Employees who lack confidence and make themselves smaller are less likely to be noticed in the workplace and be awarded with promotions or pay raises, regardless of their quality of work. Regardless of your height, make yourself tall by being engaged, confident, and firm in the workplace.

If you show up every day with confidence, you will be seen as an important contributor in your workplace.

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