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As any successful Financial Service Professional knows,
the more money that’s involved, the more prospects and clients need to trust you from the very first moment.

All companies within the financial services sector face the challenge of earning that customer trust, often through first impressions alone. Despite this, far too many in the field take such initial contacts for granted, putting no real forethought into those crucial first moments. It doesn’t matter how large or small the business you’re involved with. If you deal with currency, it’s imperative to understand the value of making a strong impact on your customers, one which conveys in a matter of seconds that they can feel confident in your capabilities.

Sylvie di Giusto, international keynote speaker and entrepreneur, is recognized throughout the business world as a master in the art of building rapid rapport. As a Certified Speaking Professional, Sylvie is adept at passing this knowledge to others through insightful and engaging sessions. That’s why Fortune 500 companies like American Express, Prudential, Manulife, Bloomberg and many more already booked her presentations. Sylvie’s “ABCD” model offers all the tools needed to project a winning Appearance, display self-assured Behavior, and deliver on-target Communication. She also provides powerful tips on how to prime clients in advance by leveraging your online Digital Footprint to set the tone before they meet you in person!

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Top financial services companies and executives are well aware of the significance of a proper, perfectly delivered introduction to a potential customer. This is where Sylvie di Giusto comes in! With two decades experience in related industries, she’s been “one of you for 20 years” and stands ready to bring that expertise to your next conference. Her interactive keynote presentations provide the same actionable advice given to Fortune 500 clients as well as aspiring new businesses looking to emulate the success of the major league players. Start enjoying the benefits of customer trust and confidence immediately by contacting Sylvie to book her visit for your upcoming event!

Everyone appreciates clear guidance and standards, so give your Financial Service Professionals the gift of learning how you want the company image to be represented! Contact Sylvie today and learn more about her programs.


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“I am so glad to have found her. Sylvie is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, personable, and engaging. The amount of positive feedback I received after the presentation was incredible! ”

Linda Najok
Human Resources Manager | American Express


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“She took the time to learn our business and company so that she could tailor her message to the audience – and she nailed it. Participants that attended her workshop are still discussing what they learned and took away from her session. ”

Monika Mikiciuk
Manager Sales Training | Prudential


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“What distinguishes Sylvie as a professional trainer is the care and attention she devotes to her diagnostic and customization process to ensure the relevance of her material to the outcomes we desired. She truly delivered on what she promised.”

Eileen Gallagher
Professional Development | Geller & Company

Why wait to take your Financial Service Professionals and your business to the next level? Invest now in your team’s professional growth and discover what it takes to build rock-solid relationships at first sight.


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Sylvie believes that emotions are the gatekeepers of our memories. That’s why, to deliver a truly memorable experience, she takes your Administrative and Executive Assistants through the emotions of joy, reflection, self-attention, and laughter. She does the unexpected, keeps them engaged and on their toes, and creates moments of surprise. To reinforce the key concepts of her topic, she lets them experience what their first impression actually says about them.

Sylvie knows that speaking is never about the speaker.
It’s about engaging the audience and making them the star of her presentation.

If you’re ready for instant transformative results which translate into immediate growth of your Financial Service Professionals and benefits for your business, contact Sylvie and book her for your next conference or team training event!


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