smile and succcess

Smiling is a powerful form of non-verbal communication, but what does yours say?

According to the three-part study (commissioned by, which included simulated job interviews, simulated first dates, and a quantitative online survey, there is a correlation between your smile and success. More than half of the study participants were more likely to be hired (58%) and received larger salary offers (53%) after their teeth had been whitened.

The study also found that evaluators expressed a greater interest in continuing their interaction or “date” with more than half of the study participants (54%) after their teeth had been whitened. Oral health is a direct reflection of your daily habits and how much you value your health. Those with poor oral care often are more susceptible to other diseases in the body as health starts in the mouth.

This is something that is noticed by employers and will often lead them to make assumptions about the way you care for your body. Any indicator of poor health is generally also seen as a reflection of both your work ethic and character. Employers often will equate poor physical health with a lack of motivation and care, which can translate into the workplace.

First Impressions Reminder:

Whiter teeth indicate good hygiene and healthy habits. Whether you use a whitening toothpaste or whiten your teeth once a year with strips, this could speak loudly about your daily habits. This is a simple and affordable way to boost your work and social life.

The first thing employers will know about you is the way that you look and present yourself. The first judgment passed is based on physical appearance. This includes your facial expressions and smile. If you do not have good oral care, it will be noticeable from the start of your interview or meeting. This can often be extremely distracting to those interviewing you and can take away from your ability to impress them with your skills and knowledge. Luckily, even if your teeth are not perfectly straight, you can show that you take care of yourself and have good hygiene by utilizing either whitening strips or toothpaste with a whitening agent.

This small addition to your oral care routine could be the difference between impressing those you are meeting with and adding a distraction to your interview. Now, you do not need to use whitening strips every day for a prolonged period of time. Most strips recommend using them for the duration of the pack only once or twice a year. If you overuse whitening strips, you can damage your enamel and weaken your teeth. This can cause increased sensitivity and oral care issues over time as your teeth breakdown. However, using them as suggested once or twice a year will help you to remove any stains you get overtime from the food and liquids you put into your mouth. This is especially common for people who drink a lot of coffee or red wine.

If you opt to use whitening toothpaste, you can use that daily without concern; however, be aware that if you start getting sensitive, you may want to switch to a gentler toothpaste for the health of your teeth. Adding these products into your routine and being sure you are keeping up with your hygiene can make a massive difference in the respect you get from employers and in your workplace.

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