Smile and success – Should you whiten your teeth?


Smiling is a powerful form of non-verbal communication, but what does yours say? According to the three-part study (commissioned by match.com), which included simulated job interviews, simulated first dates, and a quantitative online survey, there is a correlation between your smile and success. More than half of the study participants were more

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Obesity and career – does your weight hold you back?


Unexpected Ways to Get to the Top beyond your Weight Obesity and career, does it hold you back? Does your weight affect your success? And how about being underweight? Many questions related to weight and its impact on someone's career hit my mailbox on a regular base. A recent research study co-authored

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Weight discrimination in the workplace


Does your weight impact your career? Is there such a thing as 'weight discrimination'? A question many of us ask ourselves. No matter if overweight or underweight, no matter if female or male: "Does my weight matter for my career success at work?" Evidence suggests that society places a double standard on

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