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First impressions are crucial for travel and hospitality professionals and can be the reason guests make a reservation, check-in, stay longer or come back.

Some guests save up all year to get away and go on a dream holiday, and for others, it’s everyday life to travel and check in to a luxury hotel. Whatever your customers budget, destination and lodging, there’s brutal competition flooding the travel and hospitality market, fighting to capture those customers’ dollars.

Those in the major league stay ahead of the curve by continuously monitoring the field and adjusting their customer service tactics. Doing everything needed to create a welcoming and pleasant experience for guests is crucial, and nobody knows that better than Sylvie di Giusto. During her nearly twenty in corporations, she spent most of her own corporate career in the retail and tourism industry and led top leadership and management programs, for example for Thomas Cook.

Nowadays, as an international keynote speaker, Sylvie has been passing on the secrets of persuasive first impressions within the travel and hospitality industry to American Airlines, Hilton, Conrad, Waldorf Astoria, and the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress and many more.

Watch Sylvie in Action

Through her fast-paced interactive keynotes, Sylvie cuts to the chase and explains what characteristics guests seek when they’re looking for an outstanding experience. She helps travel and hospitality professionals understand how relevant it is to

  • present a picturesque appearance that wins over clients instantly.
  • convey the enthusiastic behavior of a welcoming host in the air, on the road, or on the ground.
  • engage customers through effective communication that persuades them to buy and to come back.
  • craft an outstanding digital footprint to convert online browsers into loyal customers.

Sylvee will deliver a powerful engaging keynote to your airline, hotel, cruise ship, rental car, meeting and events, or destination resort company. Call her today to discuss how she can help.


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Quotation Mark

“Sylvie did an amazing job learning about our company, then she took that knowledge and created an excellent and interactive presentation that resonated with our people. The team is still talking about what Sylvie taught us.”

Randy Katz
Operations Manager – DFW Flight Service | American Airlines


Sylvie di Giusto, One Sheet

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“Sylvie is one of the most engaging and creative people with whom I have had the pleasure to work. She commands an audience and finds creative ways to engage and educate. Her experience and confidence are infectious and our conference attendees who were fortunate enough to hear her speak, left revitalized, informed and motivated. ”

Linda Shaifer
Education & Engagement Leader | Medical Tourism Congress


Sylvie di Giusto, 12 Reasons to work with her

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“Sylvie really opened my eyes about marketing ourselves and the impact it has on our passengers, management, and peers! Since attending, I have already received numerous compliments in the way I represent my airline and myself! Sylvie changed my thinking about EVERYTHING I do now!”

Anne Rowan
Flight Attendant | PSAAirlines

The fastest and most effective way for your travel or hospitality professionals is to learn profit-boosting skills from an established professional who has spent her big parts of her career in a similar industry, mastering and creating such techniques. Sylvie is just a phone call away. Reach out today.


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Sylvie believes that emotions are the gatekeepers of our memories. That’s why, to deliver a truly memorable experience, she takes your Administrative and Executive Assistants through the emotions of joy, reflection, self-attention, and laughter. She does the unexpected, keeps them engaged and on their toes, and creates moments of surprise. To reinforce the key concepts of her topic, she lets them experience what their first impression actually says about them.

Sylvie knows that speaking is never about the speaker.
It’s about engaging the audience and making them the star of her presentation.

Sylvie di Giusto shows travel and hospitality professionals how to utilize the crucial moments when meeting new or existing guests and maximize their impact. Don’t hesitate to contact Sylvie and book her for your next travel or hospitality meeting or conference!


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