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As the world is shifting focus towards a more remote style of working, are you looking for a virtual keynote speaker who can lead your company through the challenges of a virtual workspace?

Regardless of the industry, being able to keep productivity high while shifting to a virtual company model can often be challenging. There is a new set of risks and difficulties when it comes to presenting yourself and the company you represent. It is incredibly important to think about how you are going to continue making an outstanding first impression when in-person physical presentability is no longer an option to fall back on.

As more work becomes virtualized, the concept of managing people shifts; remote workers are forced to spend more time broadcasting their professional work over the internet and must maintain professionalism often from the comfort of their homes. In addition, whether working in an office space or from home, it is crucial to keep employees engaged and motivated. These are the topics that Sylvie aims to provide guidance and tips on as a virtual keynote speaker.

With the global shift towards virtual work environments, it can be difficult to adjust from an in-person office space to an in-home office space. Virtual keynote speaker Sylvie di Giusto brings twenty years of in-person and online training experience and aims to ease the transition between in-office work and remote work by offering a variety of virtual business development tools for associations, corporations, educational or government institutions.

Virtual Event Speaker Sylvie di Giusto
Virtual Event Speaker Sylvie di Giusto

On-Demand Virtual Event Speeches

For those who have shifted their new normal from ballroom conferences and training rooms to virtual events and online conferences, it’s imperative to keep things interesting! To maintain motivation and company morale even from home or anywhere on the road, Sylvie brings her fun, informative, and engaging keynote speeches right to your participant’s or employer’s computer screens. As a virtual event speaker, Sylvie aims to create a feeling of connectivity to those physically distanced and offer insights into creating a successful remote work environment.

Your personalized recorded virtual keynote speeches can be delivered to an in-person audience or through a virtual or hybrid conference. If your online conferences have been feeling a bit dull, this is a great way to boost engagement from your peers. After and during the live-streamed keynote speech, Sylvie will be online in the conference to open a dialogue and answer any remaining questions.

As a virtual event speaker, Sylvie will bring an increase in productivity and engaging content to skilled professionals, like yourself, to benefit the professionalism of your workspace.

Virtual Event Speaker Sylvie di Giusto
Virtual Keynote Speaker and Webinar Trainer Sylvie di Giusto

Interactive Webinars

For those who are looking for a more collaborative and tailored virtual format, Sylvie’s interactive webinars bring a workshop-style experience straight to your participant’s and employee’s screens. Attending in interactive webinars is a way to dive deeper into your company’s specific needs and work directly with participants on the skills and mindset shifts that need to be developed to achieve increased success.

The interactive nature of these webinars gives Sylvie the ability to personalize the experience even further and build the kind of relationship that can be curated in your typical in-person conference. With the virtual webinar, you will see increased engagement and interaction between Sylvie and the participants, whether they are in the office or at home. As a virtual event speaker, Sylvie is able to bring the motivating and thought-provoking messages of an in-person conference into a digestible online experience.

Virtual Keynote Speaker and Webinar Trainer Sylvie di Giusto
Virtual Event Speaker Sylvie di Giusto

Online Courses

Virtual keynote speeches and interactive webinars are a great way to mix up your day to day when working remotely; however, for those who are looking for more guidance and educational content for their office space, an online course may be the ideal fit. Your interactive online courses are delivered virtually directly to your team or corporation and can serve as a more consistent addition to your weekly or daily schedule.

These online courses will promote company growth, encourage personal skill development, and are an amazing way to bring new content to your company. In your online course, Sylvie will lead your group of committed professionals through her impactful and curated teachings. Leaving your team or entire corporation feeling more eager and prepped to impress upon people their professionalism and specific skillset.

What does your company need right now?

As the shift to a remote workplace has been occurring around the world, Sylvie would like to assist your company as a virtual keynote speaker with whatever your corporation needs most right now. Virtual environments offer vast opportunities for growth and connection; together with Sylvie, you will be able to sharpen presentation skills on-screen and preserve a sense of professionalism in your new work environment.


With any questions or interest in these offerings, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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