An outstanding customer experience starts with the first impression your customer has of your company. It ends with the last impression, which determines whether they will become a returning customer or even recommend you to other prospects. As a result, it’s vital for a company’s bottom line to define what first and lasting impression they want their customer service agents and customer care teams to convey when representing their companies. It can have far more impact on an individual’s opinion of your company than any experience with your products or services. Many of those impressions will affect a customer’s entire perception of the organization or company.

Customer service teams and customer care professionals are often an integral part of the customer’s perception of the business. Customers create that perception and base all future transactions based on the kind of treatment they receive. Professionals working in these departments should be aware of the most effective ways to address and remove every barrier to establishing a deep bond with prospects and customers. Their ability to build and nurture relationships with your customers will directly impact the success of their business in the long run.

Even though customer service and customer care teams are usually well-versed in technical knowledge about products and services, they often underestimate their personal role in the customer experience. Being able to prevent or handle bad experiences isn’t enough—you also need to create a trustworthy, supportive, and customer-focused reputation. The customer may ask, do they care about me? Will they take my needs seriously? How will they make my concerns seem relevant to them? Will they diminish them? Will they be patient with me? Is their attitude pleasant or grumpy? How do they talk to me? How do they react when I am angry or upset?

An exceptional customer experience means that customer service and customer care teams must go the extra mile to establish trust and credibility with each customer. This is true whether the interaction is their first or hundredth, whether it is online or offline, and whether it is a pleasant interaction or not.

Customers are bombarded with company advertisements, messages, and promotions every day, making customer service and customer care the deciding factor between companies.

Companies with a customer-focused customer support team that leaves an impactful and lasting impression on their customers are more likely to keep them and earn their trust in the long run, which affects customer loyalty and overall brand success.

These professionals must constantly consider their professional perception and reputation because their words and actions can affect customer perception and overall customer experience. How a customer perceives customer service can influence future customer behavior, such as whether they make repeat purchases.

The customer's perception of a company or brand is influenced by positive and negative experiences with customer service teams. The unfortunate truth is that customers often prioritize a bad experience over a positive experience, especially if they must deal with customer service and customer care professionals who don't seem interested in helping them.

As a result, customer service and customer care staff need to be highly trained and professional to make an impactful first impression on every customer they interact with, because they have the power to make or break a company's reputation in the eyes of customers.

Customer service and customer care teams should make customers feel as if they were the only and most important customers present. Ultimately, they are. But making that happen is not always easy. Customers, however, will remember that feeling and associate it with a business when they are treated that way from the very beginning.

In whatever industry they work, whatever products or services their company sells, and whether they are seasoned pros or just starting out, they need to be aware of their significant role in the customer service experience.

The way they appear, behave and act, affects how potential and current customers perceive them and, by extension, how the products and services they sell are perceived. They should be just as concerned about their personal reputation as with the reputation of their companies.

Increasingly, customer service and care are being carried out digitally, with much of the customer experience being driven by technology. Professionals working in these departments must remember that prospects look for the human touch in this digital world.

In most cases, customers will interact with customer service professionals online, via email, chat, or telephone. Without ever having the chance to meet their customers in person, agents need to instantly project confidence, knowledge, and sincerity.

Because customer care is such a specialized, tailored, and personal experience, it can be challenging to find out what excellent customer care looks like simply from broad explanations. The key is to think like a prospective customer and see the customer experience from their perspective. Customers want to deal with someone who has their best interests at heart.

Customer service representatives are usually the face of the company. Constantly in direct contact with customers, they must ensure that the image they project reflects positively on their company.

Businesses constantly compete with other companies in your field, who sell similar products and services to the same market. To succeed, it is essential to differentiate themselves from the competition. When given a choice between two products or services, customers are more likely to buy from a company that makes them feel comfortable and valued—the one that made a better first and lasting impression.



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I am so glad to have found her. Sylvie is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, personable, and engaging. The amount of positive feedback I received after the presentation was incredible!

Linda NajokHuman Resources Manager | American Express

Sylvie did an amazing job learning about our company, then she took that knowledge and created an excellent and interactive presentation that resonated with our people. The team is still talking about what Sylvie taught us.

Rande KatzOperations Manager – DFW Flight Service | American Airlines

It couldn't have gone better!
With her high-energy style and sense of humor, she quickly had everyone's attention. She showed us how we assess and judge people based on just a few seconds of visual contact. But it went even deeper into other concepts around our motivations, our self-perception, and how it impacts those crucial first seconds when meeting someone new. The interactive exercise engaged everyone as part of the program, not simply as the listening audience. She was a gem, and I highly recommend Sylvie and her program in today's return to work business environment.

Marie ShubinChief Executive Officer, SOCAP International

Sylvie was a pleasure to work with from the very start. She was responsive, well priced and accommodating to come into the office and meet with our team a few times. She exemplifies the characteristics that she teaches.

Carla CollinsManager Talent Acquisition | Nestle Nespresso



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