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You’re a professional or business owner. You want to be known for your work, skills, experience, and the added value you bring to the table. You don’t want wrong assumptions or your first impressions to get in the way.

You’re not alone. Many people want to be seen as competent, reliable, and trustworthy—the go-to person in their field. They don’t want their perception to be influenced by factors such as what they’re wearing, how they are behaving, or how they are communicating.

First impressions are important, and you can control them. The problem is that most people don’t understand the psychology of first impressions or how to manage them. How do you make sure your perception is working for you, not against you? How can you leave an impactful first impression without looking like you’re trying too hard?

That's why I've gathered some free resources for you to help you understand the importance of first impressions and how they can affect your career or business success.

It takes only 10 minutes to find out. Take this quiz and receive a personalized report revealing how you come across to others. Find out whether the way you are perceived by others helps or hurts your career or business. Discover whether or not you need improvement in any aspects of your brand and image. Improve relationships by understanding how others perceive you professionally, socially, and personally.

With the switch to digital meetings, professionals must be comfortable and well-versed in techniques to use during an online conference. While there are many similarities between presenting in person and online, there is frequently more anxiety around virtual presentations because of the need to set your space and technology up appropriately to deliver a memorable talk. So, with a wave of virtual conferences coming through your workplace, let’s walk through some tips to ensure you are making a professional impression on the screens around the world—from the first moment.

Maybe you are considering improving your image because you feel the impression you are making on others is not quite what you want it to be. Maybe you are not getting the jobs you want, the promotions you think you deserve, the clients you need in your business, the sales you think you should have made, or even the people you want to be surrounded by. All of these things could come down to the impression you are making on others with your appearance, behavior, communication, or digital footprint. 

Whether you are established within your career or just starting out, it is critical to know the dos and don’ts of making a great first impression. We’ve all heard blanket statements such as “looks don’t matter,” which can leave us thinking that the way we show up does not impact our likelihood of getting ahead, right? Wrong! These blanket statements that have circulated through the business world have been sabotaging professionals from reaching their highest goals. Let’s uncover scientifically proven facts and figures that can help you understand what matters when it comes to your first and lasting impression.

Yes, you never really know what you have gotten yourself into until the speaker you chose walks onto the stage and performs for your audience. However, there are specific things you can look for—micro-moments during your first encounters that will show you whether you are working with a hero speaker, or not. Because what a hero speaker really does is to make you look like the true hero of your next event—from the very first moment. This free e-book will help you (or someone on your team) find the perfect hero speaker for your upcoming event.


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In a world where your professional identity can be the key to unlocking doors or the barrier that holds you back, understanding how you resonate is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity.