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First Impressions. And Beyond.

Seven Seconds. This is that brief moment in time when others first see you, whether it’s at a meeting, on the job, or in an interview. They may have some prior knowledge of you, but this is the first time they actually lay eyes on you. Learn more about what happens at that moment and that the game isn’t over after seven seconds. Because outstanding leaders leave lasting impressions by how they look and how they present themselves, always and everywhere.

Preparation is key. Always.

When it comes to the way others think about you, before anything else, preparation is key to your success. If you want to be perceived as the superstar leader you are, the simple difference between being successful and failing is preparation. Because successful leaders avoid surprises for any price. On a daily base this means for your image, that you have to determine your activities and responsibilities for that particular day, always keeping in mind your industry, your company’s written (or unwritten) dress code policy, your position within the organization, and the people’s requirements whom you are about to meet. Before just

Your image is like a puzzle and so much more than just your clothes.

There are many elements that make up your professional reputation. And some image consultants will tell you that the clothes you wear is the most important one. Well, this was probably true decades ago. Today's world moves faster and leaders face new challenges that go far beyond your wardrobe, the dress code, the handshake, the way you sit or the first seven seconds of a meeting. Nowadays, people judge you before you get the chance to shake their hands or even arrange meetings. Because you leave a footprint - anytime and anywhere. You leave hints of who you are and what

The grey hum drum

As a child, I watched a movie called "Momo", a German fantasy novel by Michael Ende. It’s about the concept of time and how it is used by humans in modern society. It’s a story about time-thieves and about Momo, the little girl who brought the stolen time back to the people. When the novel finally hit the big screen, the movie visualized how those time-thieves looked like. Grey hair, grey tint, grey suits, grey everything— they looked tired, sick, weak, and de-energized. Simply grey. Another stereotype that women and more often men face at work. I see them in

Do people see you as the Superman at work?

From the many challenges men face at the workplace when it comes to their image and perception, this is probably the most hidden yet most powerful one. Because his "look" is so perfect on the outside, that others might sometimes question the quality of the inside (kind of the opposite of the Dwight Schrute challenge). I call him a "Superman", the "Superman at work" that has a big ego, who gets stuff done, who is a mover and shaker, and sometimes even a hero - at least in his very own mind. They are everywhere because everywhere there’s someone or something they have

Are you the “Dwight Schrute” of the office?

Many of us have seen The Office. As brilliantly portrayed by Rainn Wilson, Dwight Schrute is one of the show’s most memorable characters. He’s a “weirdo.” He dresses weird, he behaves weird, he communicates weird. We recognize his character for his many flaws and idiosyncrasies: his lack of social skills or common sense, his love for weapons and the justice system, his many attempts to get promoted, and his rivalry with fellow salesman Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski. And we all know at least one weirdo at work. Or, maybe is it you? Schrutes are easily identifiable by their

Are you stuck in the “cold as a fish” box?

When it comes to leadership we all face big challenges. But are they really always the same depending on the gender we are born with? Do men struggle the same way as women do, and do women sometimes struggle with the fact of not being part of the "men's club"? Possibly it might be the reason that some women choose to pretend to be part of it. Do you know women who act like men? And here is why they shouldn't: They are tough, they are strong, they are powerful, and they stand above everything. No emotions, no friends, no partnerships; they just

Are you the office Kardashian?

Chances are high you did not identify yourself as a Tinkerbell if you are interested in reading this blog post. Because "Office Tinkerbells" and "Office Kardashians" are somewhat the opposite. You know what I’m talking about. This type of woman requires no explanation. We all recognize her; she’s very intense in her tight dresses and high heels. And usually, she shows a lot of skin. She moves and acts as if there were cameras recording every gesture for broadcast to the masses. She’s not living; she’s performing. Why is it that Kardashians don’t often get promoted? Because they don’t give

Make today the day! Invest in yourself.

If you’re looking for a great ROI, nothing is going to beat to invest in yourself and in your professional imprint. Especially nowadays when so many people are struggling to find a job, let alone find opportunities for advancement, the returns of investing in yourself can be amazing. When did you invest in yourself the last time? Have you considered hiring an image consultant? You may accuse me of being a bit biased (maybe a little), but the truth is that you want to set yourself apart from all the other people at work in a positive way. Especially in

Are you a Tinkerbell at the office?

In my book, The Image of Leadership, I discuss different challenges female and male leaders face often when it comes to their image and the way others perceive them. There are certain patterns, certain types of perceptions, certain stereotypes if you want, that I see more often than others. Some people are perceived as too serious and others as too fun. Some people feel guilty of being too stubborn and others of being cute. Here is an introduction to one that some of the female leaders I work with face often: We all know them—those nice women who flutter around the office.