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First Impressions. And Beyond.

Seven Seconds. This is that brief moment in time when others first see you, whether it’s at a meeting, on the job, or in an interview. They may have some prior knowledge of you, but this is the first time they actually lay eyes on you. Learn more about what happens at that moment and that the game isn’t over after seven seconds. Because outstanding leaders leave lasting impressions by how they look and how they present themselves, always and everywhere.

Have you heard of the “7%-38%-55% rule”?

Truthdrop #1: Sorry, you’ve been lied to… Let’s start with a truthdrop that actually isn’t one, instead has been comprehensively debunked many times, but still, it persists. Chances are high you’ve heard at least one “expert” quoting the famous Albert Mehrabian study and suggesting that words account for 7 percent, tone of voice accounts for 38 percent, and body language accounts for 55 percent. Countless experts use this study to prove that it is not so much about what you say (verbally), but instead about the non-verbal signals you send. However, the focus of this study was on

Preparation is key. Always.

When it comes to the way others think about you, before anything else, preparation is key to your success. If you want to be perceived as the superstar leader you are, the simple difference between being successful and failing is preparation. Because successful leaders avoid surprises for any price. On a daily base this means for your image, that you have to determine your activities and responsibilities for that particular day, always keeping in mind your industry, your company’s written (or unwritten) dress code policy, your position within the organization, and the people’s requirements whom you are about to meet. Before just

Your image is like a puzzle and so much more than just your clothes.

There are many elements that make up your professional reputation. And some image consultants will tell you that the clothes you wear is the most important one. Well, this was probably true decades ago. Today's world moves faster and leaders face new challenges that go far beyond your wardrobe, the dress code, the handshake, the way you sit or the first seven seconds of a meeting. Nowadays, people judge you before you get the chance to shake their hands or even arrange meetings. Because you leave a footprint - anytime and anywhere. You leave hints of who you are and what