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Sylvie did an amazing job learning about our company, then she took that knowledge and created an excellent and interactive presentation that resonated with our people. The team is still talking about what Sylvie taught us.

Randy KatzOperations Manager DFW Flight Service | American Airlines

Having selected speakers for over 30 years, the challenge is to be relevant to your audience, be personable, easy to work with, flexible and genuine! Sylvie di Giusto is all of those! She’s among my top picks.

Dean Jones CMP Director Conferences & Events | RCMA

The uniform consensus among my team is that Sylvie is the best speaker they have had – ever. I couldn’t agree more.

Bill RavenscroftSVP, Head of Sales and Account Management | Adecco

I am still at a loss of words for how incredible, warm, real, and engaging Sylvie is. She is truly one of, if not the best, speaker I have had the opportunity to hear and engage with.

Keri GlothSenior Event Producer | The Special Event Company

Her thought-provoking presentation energized the group intellectually and physically, as Sylvie had participants on their feet and interacting with each other in exercises that perfectly complemented her talk.

Monique Y. WellsFounder and CEO | Wells International Foundation

Here is what our attendees said: “I got my money’s worth for the entire conference, just for her session”, “Out of all the conferences I have been attending for this association, she (Sylvie) was the best you have had yet”, “You hit it out of the park with having Sylvie speak. She was so good!”

Marlee HoncoopOperation Coordinator | SmithBucklin

I have attended many conferences and without a doubt, Sylvie ranks at the top for her public speaking and impressive presentation.

Ronell NolanChief Executive Officer | Health Agents of America

Sylvie was a pleasure to work with from the very start. She was responsive, well priced and accommodating to come into the office and meet with our team a few times. She exemplifies the characteristics that she teaches.

Carla CollinsManager Talent Acquisition | Nestle Nespresso

Creative, thoughtful, professional, and thorough are just a few of the positive traits that come to mind when I think of her and her quality of work. She took the time to learn our business and company so that she could tailor her message to the audience – and she nailed it.

Monika MikiciukManager Sales Training | Prudential

I was very impressed by how quickly and effectively she absorbed and understood the information about our organization and the goals of our event.

Jennifer Gracheck Program Development Consultant | Haworth

It couldn't have gone better! With her high energy style and sense of humor, she quickly had everyone's attention. She showed us how we assess, and judge people based on just a few seconds of visual contact. But it went even deeper into other concepts around our motivations, our self-perception and how it impacts those crucial first seconds when meeting someone new. The interactive exercise engaged everyone as part of the program, not simply as the listening audience. She was a gem and I highly recommend Sylvie and her program in today's return to work business environment.

Marie ShubinChief Executive Officer | SOCAP International

Sylvie’s keynote speech was named as the best of the day; so for those who are looking for an innovative, authentic, and convincing speaker who put all her effort to make your conference great I strongly recommend Sylvie.

Goda PereckaiteProject & Event Manager | Verslo žinios

In 27 years of planning conferences and hearing thousands of speakers, it’s truly rare to be enlightened and moved by one. I heard Sylvie di Giusto speak recently and she blew me away.

Tami ForeroCEO | Forte Events

To date, Sylvie was the highest-rated speaker and attendees still talk about her and how they can further connect with her.

Louis LessigBrown & Connery, LLP | President of Tri-State HRMA

It was interactive and informative, our people loved her. Additionally, Sylvie spent her own time listening to our other speakers in order to integrate her message to the whole event.

Josh HafetzPresident | Art of Business

Her meticulous and flawless talk along with her dynamic speaking-style, content and entertaining audience participation techniques, kept our Airmen laser-focused on her delivery, message and her teachings.

Scott HeathmanVice Commander | Airforce | Fairchild Base

What distinguishes Sylvie as a professional trainer is the care and attention she devotes to her diagnostic and customization process, which includes a detailed questionnaire to ensure the relevance of her material to the outcomes we desired. She truly delivered on what she promised.

Eileen GallagherProfessional Development Specialist | Geller & Company

Her enthusiasm and passion along with her experience in the industry will be a benefit to your organization and employees.

Angela SposatoVice President Human Resources | 5W Public Relations

She spent a lot of time with me and the other director beforehand so she could cater her message to what we were looking for – and then she nailed it. She went above and beyond what we expected of her. She is a gem.

Mary BryantDirector of Professional Affairs | Merial

Sylvie is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, personable, and engaging. The amount of positive feedback I received after the presentation was incredible! To top it off, Sylvie was flexible with our scheduling demands which made it all the more pleasant to work with her.

Linda NajokHR Manager | American Express

Sylvie is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is very responsive and has a great attention to detail. Her sessions are very interactive and captivating!

Jessica DinkinsProgram Manager | Virtuoso

Sylvie was absolutely delightful as she embraced, engaged and empowered the AutoZone team during her International Women’s Week keynote presentation.  She developed an instant connection and  kept her audience captivated.  She was responsive, well-organized and took the time to prepare well in advance, which included visiting an AutoZone store!  We would highly recommend Sylvie; she has set the bar high.

Brigitta T. PhillipsTalent Acquisition Team Customer Satisfaction | AutoZone Inc.

I have interacted with hundreds of speakers and performers, as the A1 audio engineer, in both corporate and live entertainment conferences and meetings. Sylvie was fantastic to work with. Her keynote presentation was organized and she knew exactly what she needed in order to have a successful presentation. All of this translated into a flawless performance on both of our parts which allowed her to be able to connect with the audience and deliver her message.

Nicholas AbrahamsonAudio Engineer & Production Manager


This was the BEST presentation we had during this meeting and that I have ever experienced. There was so much value in what you left with us. I think you have taught me something that will stick with me forever and that I will be able to share with others in and out of work.

Christine BronneBoutique Operations Manager | Nespresso

Her notes on 1st impressions are game changing and her entire presentation was so engaging and I’m so excited to share it with our local team. We were incredibly lucky to have her!

Rachel Jacob Barnett Key Account Sales Manager | Key Events

Sylvie literally ‘brought down the house’! With energy, passion, personality, style and rock solid research, she had us all listening to every word with baited breath for each statement was a pearl of information dropped in the collective pool of our influence that I can already see the ripples of extension.

Lanalee Arabe SamFounder | Concierge Pregnancy Group

I have never worked with someone as exceptional as Sylvie! I learned more about myself and others' impressions of me and have immediately started using those nuggets to make dramatic shifts in my launch.

Mariette Clardy-DavisAttorney | M.L. Clardy Law LLC

Sylvie is dynamic in presentation and really cuts to the core of what it takes to impress customers, management and even influence our co-workers. Book her NOW! You will walk away so inspired and renewed!

Anne RowanFlight Attendant | PSAAirlines

If you’re not working with Sylvie, you’re missing out on how you and your organization can make the best and most lasting impression.

Josh PackardThe Packard Group CEO | The Packard Group

WOW. I thought I had my act together in terms of my business acumen, but I walked away knowing I had so much room for improvement.

Jill AndreuChief Content Officer | The Wyman Company

Memorable from visualization to content Looks like simple and obvious things. But how intelligent and insightful you are to see and say them.

Martynas Janionis Head of Wholesale Department | Ryterna Group

We saw your presentation today and it was absolutely mesmerizing!

Aivaras SteponavičiusAccount Manager | Oxylabs

Your presentation was without doubt the best presentation I have ever seen in my life.

Rima VanagėAssociate Professor | Vilnius University

It was truly an eye opening, inspirational and rewarding presentation. I would strongly recommend Sylvie. Her presentation provides the perfect insight for any organization that is looking to empower its individual employees.

Leslie RosaSales Manager | Diversified Communications HQ

This woman will leave you hanging on to every word. I walked away inspired to be the best version of myself. Watch out Wonder Woman; there is a new superhero in town who goes by Sylvie.

Rochelle ArmstrongFront Line Leader | Humana

I heard someone say “Wow! How would you like to be the speaker to follow that?” Sylvie is credibility personified and masterful at her craft, her presentation was so entertaining it is easy to overlook the fact that she provided more value in her twenty-minute address than many could provide in an hour.

Cody GravittCommander at 92 FSS | Airforce | Fairchild Base

I learned so much from you, and your presentation was inspiring! Thank you again for helping American Airlines launch our new image and brand. I look forward to seeing you on one of our flights.

Annie BrittinFlight Attendant | American Airlines

There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said regarding the brilliancy of Sylvie. If you have had the benefit of seeing her in person then you already know she oozes with style, sleekness, and brilliancy.

Umar EllahieChiropractor | Chiropractor Solutions

When Sylvie walks into a room, she changes the ”temperature”. When Sylvie talks, people listen. When Sylvie writes, smart people read.

Jay TownsendPolitical Consultant

You were the best yesterday, I was lucky to be there and see you on stage!

Dovile Paukstyte VertinskieneKey Account Manager | DKV Mobility

You are a super star! I have never seen such a performance on stage. It Was something really special for everyone!

Greta Norkutė PVB EMEA Inside Sales Team Leader | Littelfuse GmbH

Charisma Sylvie exploded in Litexpo Hall!

Zaneta ApvinienéHead of Sales Division | Lietuvos Draudimas



Being aware of how others will interpret their appearance, actions and words will help employees behave professionally and be customer-centric.


Employees who are confident in their abilities will be more likely to interact with customers positively and memorably.


Employees with a positive attitude are better able to cope with difficult situations and will be more effective at dealing with them.


Employees who behave respectfully and considerately toward their colleagues, bosses, and customers will likely gain respect in return.


By improving interpersonal skills, employees will communicate verbally and nonverbally more effectively with customers and coworkers, resulting in increased productivity.


Employees can find new opportunities within an organization because promotions are often determined by how they are perceived by colleagues, bosses, and customers.


By understanding the importance of their role in promoting the organization’s brand, employees will be more likely to act as positive ambassadors.


Many employees don’t always realize how their actions affect the ability of the company to retain and attract customers. They are grateful for practical tools and insights to improve their performance.


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