Thank you very much

for the opportunity to present at your conference, chapter or meeting.

It’s my FAVORITE way to volunteer and give back to our profession.

Professional speakers are on stage 24/7/365, not just when they are literally on stage, but also when they are traveling, networking before and after their speaking engagements, or preparing with clients for their next big presentation; they are equally on stage while potential partners are browsing through their websites, social media, or videos to decide whether they have found the right partner for their next event. 

We are always “on,” and our professional and personal reputations are always at risk, so we must be extra careful about how we present ourselves and represent our brand at all times. In today’s highly competitive industry, we have limited time and opportunities to convince buyers in person. In milliseconds, they decide if we are credible, trustworthy, and likable enough to be hired for their next big event.

Like every business owner and professional, we are judged by our appearance, our website, our social media platforms, our pictures or videos, how we answer the phone and whether we respond to emails promptly, how we dress, how we treat clients, whether we are on time for virtual or in-person appointments, and whether we keep our commitments.

Are your members aware of how crucial first impressions are during this process? Are your members equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to understand just how pivotal their reputation is for their business success as speakers, trainers, and coaches?

The most successful professional speakers are aware of this. They reduce uncertainty from the start by appearing, acting, and communicating in ways that instantly earn their clients’ trust, beginning with their first impression and ending with an impactful one.

First impressions are everything, especially in the speaking industry, where despite the increase in digitalization, the success of our business is directly influenced by the relationships we build with corporate buyers, meeting professionals, speaker bureaus, and other speakers.

While many of us are outspoken and confident on stage, we maintain a hands-on attitude, focus on our practical tasks or knowledge, and often underestimate the importance of first impressions in our business. Being visible and putting your name out there at the right moment and in the best possible way is necessary for taking the next step toward branding yourself and your business strategically.

Whether you're a keynote speaker, trainer, author, or coach, branding yourself as someone who is trustworthy, reliable, creative, highly skilled, and knowledgeable is essential to your success. However, there are also other traits meeting planners, corporate buyers, and speaker bureaus look for that are less obvious.

Most of the time, our first interaction with our clients, meeting planners, or speaker bureaus is online, via email, or by telephone. Without ever having the opportunity to meet or demonstrate your craft, you must project confidence, knowledge, and sincerity instantly—on any screen worldwide and around the clock.

Whether you are just starting in the world of speaking or have been working as a speaker for years, leaving an impression that will stick will help you build relationships, be chosen for the right events, and increase your ability to attract new clients and increase sales.

Speakers put a lot of effort into their keynotes and stage craft (which are both vital), but we often underestimate our personal role and how clients perceive us despite our expertise in the process. People hire people they trust, like, and feel that they know.

Your appearance, demeanor, and attitude affect how clients see you—and, by extension, how they perceive the services you provide. Many of us in this industry strive to be authentic at all times, which is increasingly difficult. Full authenticity can be a challenge during the buying process because it can send an incorrect message to clients or decision-makers who might be willing to make a substantial investment in your speaking fees.

To succeed, you must think like a potential client, meeting planner, or speakers bureau. Professional speakers need to get inside their clients' heads and think about their services and the speaking business from their perspective. What are they looking for? What do they expect to see? A client planning their event wants to see someone who knows what they're doing and has their best interests at heart. It is essential to make the right first impression if you want to be that person.

You know that you are likely to compete with others who have similar skill sets, who rely on similar knowledge and experience, who offer similar speaking services, and who target the same market. The key to success is to differentiate yourself from the competition. You must stand out instantly in such a competitive market. If decision-makers have a choice between two or more speakers, they will most likely choose the one they feel more comfortable with—the one who made a better first and lasting impression.

Another responsibility, often neglected, is to serve as the face of our industry. We all have an impact on how attendees, clients, and speakers bureaus perceive us by how we present ourselves. If you are a speaker, you are in a unique position to positively influence people's perceptions not only of yourself but also of the entire speaking industry.



My keynote presentations and training sessions for speaking associations and their chapters are packed with valuable insights, practical tools, and tips your members can put into practice right away. I provide content tailored to the needs of business owners in the speaking industry.

Within the speaking industry, I have a proven track record of delivering engaging and thought-provoking presentations for fellow speakers, sharing my professional insights with them, and allowing a behind-the-scenes look into my own established speaking business. 

This success is also directly related to my relationships within the speakers association I am part of and actively involved in. Speaking at your event is my way of giving back to the industry, and that means so much to me. I will also

  • be available for board dinners, fire chats depending on my travel schedule,
  • donate copies of my book to either attendees or speaker university students,
  • donate 3–5 licenses of my online course to your association members,
  • NOT sell any products or services at your event.
These are some of the positions and responsibilities I have had the honor to fulfill when volunteering to serve or present at associations just like yours.
  • NSA Austin (May 2022)
  • NSA Connecticut (October 2017)
  • NSA Central Florida (November 2015)
  • NSA Georgia (April 2019)
  • NSA Kentucky (March 2019)
  • NSA Houston (April 2018)
  • NSA Las Vegas (February 2023)
  • NSA Michigan (September 2017)
  • NSA Mountain West (May 2019)
  • NSA New England (June 2017)
  • NSA New Mexico (October 2018)
  • NSA New York (November 2015)
  • NSA Oregon (April 2018)
  • NSA Pennsylvania (February 2017)
  • NSA Pittsburg (February 2017)
  • NSA Minnesota (September 2021)
  • NSA North Texas (April 2015)
  • NSA North West (August 2018)
  • GSA Annual Convention (August 2019)
  • VSAI Virtual Assocation (April 2020)
  • NSA Influence 2016 (July 2016)
  • NSA Influence 2017 (July 2017)
  • NSA Influence 2018 (July 2018)
  • NSA Influence 2019 (July 2019)
  • NSA TechLab 2015 (November 2015)
  • NSA Personal Branding Lab (April 2018)
  • Co-Host NSA Winter Conference 2018 (February 2018)
  • Co-Host NSA Influence 2020 (August 2020)
  • President of NSA New York (2019-2020)
  • Host of Agility NSA New York (2021-2022)
It would be an honor for me to speak at your annual conference or training event and help your attendees make a favorable first and lasting impression at every step of their speaking career.


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Siegfried LangeInsight Grower at Capacity Grow

Sylvie spoke to one of the most challenging groups for any speaker - a room full of professional speakers. What she did was pure magic! From the moment she stepped on stage until the standing ovation at the end, she has the audience fully engaged. One of the best speakers we have had at National Speakers Association - Georgia Chapter.

John T. BrantleyExecutive Coach / Trainer / Speaker

Barbara MesserHorizonautin, Speaker, Mentor

We were completely engaged and I was mesmerized with the quality and effectiveness of the Image Roadmap each of us created. Anyone who hires Sylvie will undoubtedly be moved to take action to improve not only themselves, but their organization and culture to gain efficiencies. Sylvie's content and presentation style are unparalleled.

Rob KuehlExecutive Coach / Trainer / Speaker

I have seen Sylvie speak on a number of occasions and to say she was great would be an understatement. In fact, just look at all of the endorsements she has received from people seeing her speak - and you will see how very special and amazing she is.

Ralph PetersonHousekeeping & Laundry Consultant Senior Care & Speaker

If there were only two words to describe seeing Sylvie speak live in person, they would be: “Authentic Engagement”. Often, speakers who try to engage the audience do so in a forced and stilted manner. Not so with Sylvie. It was the ideal mix of content, context, and communication. I cannot say enough about how impressive her presentation is, and how much value I got from it.

Liam GowanConsultant & Speaker

Angela ButtimerBehavioral Psychology Expert & Keynote Speaker

Cathy FyockConsultant for Authors

Grady Throneberry, Ph.D.Principle at SummitLLC

Rochelle ArmstrongLife Coach & Speaker

Sylvie is an impression expert and presented an excellent tool that walked me through critical steps in defining my speaking brand. I strongly recommend Sylvie’s approach for getting clarity and specific action steps to up your branding strategy and get more speaking gigs. Thank you, Sylvie!

John HyattCorporate Leadership Expert & Speaker

She is a polished professional speaker who instantly engaged our professional speakers group with a spot-on, direct presentation about the psychology and importance of first impressions, which is an accomplishment - professional speakers are sometimes not so easy to engage! Sylvie is an adept corporate trainer and delivered career enhancing take-aways and a transformative team-building experience. Highly recommend if you have the chance to work with her!

Kerry McDaniel BoenischVlog Co-Host & Speaker

Shannon Vandehey BuckmasterSpeaker & Health Manager

Kelly PaxtonFraud Connector & Speaker

I also wanted to say how deeply Sylvie impressed me. I have never witnessed a more well-mannered, gracious and totally lovely person. Sylvie spoke to every person as if they were the only one in the room. She spoke to the entire group with such sincerity, authenticity and generosity it took my breath away.

Breeda MillerKeynote Speaker

Ilja GrzeskowitzKeynote Speaker & Change Enthusiast

Eddie TurnerMotivational Speaker

Sarah KohlPhysician & Speaker

Tamara GhandourInnovation Speaker

Chris PriceLeadership & Team Acceleration

Traci BrownBody Language Expert & Speaker

Josh Packard, Ph. D.Executive Director

Her program was well designed, it kept our interest and she made the information very understandable. Although there was a vast amount of info that she delivered, I didn't leave feeling overwhelmed. It felt doable because of the way she delivered it! As a bonus, Sylvie's personality is warm, friendly and it's easy to tell that she is in her business to serve her audiences.
She was terrific!!

Annette FazioSpeaker

There were technical problems beyond Sylvie's control, both before and during the presentation. Sylvie delivered excellent content in a smooth, professional manner, showing no signs of being rattled. We all had a great time learning creative ideas from her. Sylvie is the real deal. She walks her talk. Very much the image of leadership.

Doris Young BoyerKeynote Speaker & Global Protocol and Etiquette Expert

Jeffrey HayzlettHall of Fame Speaker

Not only did I learn more in her presentation than I have learned in a VERY long time, but the manner in which she offered her information was so impressive. Right from the start, you knew you were in competent hands and the entire audience could feel her warmth and caring from the moment she spoke her first word.

Sandy GerouxSpeaker

Angela TangerSpeaker

Karen JacobsenThe GPS Girl

Sylvie is an outstanding presenter and communicator. She was not only captivating, but she provided solid information that had the group riveted to her message. She delivered professionally, powerfully and added huge value for those lucky enough to be in her audience. If you have the chance to hear this wonderful presenter, do it! You will be better off because of it and your career will thank you for it.

Terry BrockHall of Fame Speaker

Gina CarrBusiness Growth Strategist & Speaker