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For nearly two decades, Sylvie has stood in your shoes, understanding the intricacies and challenges of selecting the perfect speaker for an event. The task is seldom straightforward and comes with myriad questions. To assist you, we’ve collated the most frequently asked questions right here. Simply click on your topic of interest or question below.  PS: Should you find yourself with additional queries or seeking further clarity, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



What is Sylvie's professional background?

Sylvie is a seasoned professional with two decades of corporate experience in Human Resources, Training and Development, and Leadership. As the Chief of Staff to the Chief Human Resources Officer for Europe’s premier tourism and retail group, Sylvie orchestrated the activities of all HR teams across the group. Before this role, she was instrumental at a consultancy firm, where she spearheaded both online and face-to-face training and development programs for elite Fortune 100 corporations. Having navigated diverse industries, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to her speaking engagements. Her journey from the corporate world to the stage has equipped her with invaluable lessons that she passionately shares with her audience.

Who is behind Sylvie's team?

Sylvie is exclusively represented by cmi. Celebrating two decades in the industry, cmi stands as a global frontrunner in the event industry. They work with an international selection of handpicked knowledge experts who have made significant impacts through their keynote speeches, training, consulting, and various publications. At the helm is founder and CEO, Karen Harris, who is passionate about changing the world one speech at a time, supported by a dedicated team committed to delivering an outstanding experience from booking to execution. 

Can you share some personal insights about Sylvie?

Beyond her accolades, Sylvie is a multifaceted individual. An avid boating enthusiast, a dedicated stair climber, and with a rich multicultural background, she brings a world of experiences to the table.  Outside of work, she dedicates her time to volunteering with the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation.  Or she cherishes every moment with her husband and two incredible teenagers, who give her emotional intelligence a workout every single day.

Where is Sylvie based and does she travel?

While Sylvie calls sunny Florida her home, her mission knows no boundaries. With a commitment to spreading her message, she’s available for engagements both nationally and internationally, ensuring her insights reach audiences far and wide.

Does Sylvie speak internationally?

Sylvie has delivered impactful presentations to diverse audiences across various countries, sharing her insights on the significance of intentional choices in the global professional landscape. Whether it’s a conference in Europe, a seminar in Asia, or a workshop in North America, Sylvie’s dynamic and engaging style resonates with audiences worldwide.

What languages does Sylvie speak?

Sylvie is fluent in both English and German, allowing her to deliver her presentations in either language. This versatility ensures that she can connect with diverse audiences and cater to international events seamlessly.

Who are some of Sylvie's notable clients?

Sylvie’s client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the corporate world. From budding small businesses to Fortune 500 giants, her impact resonates across sectors. Her ability to connect, inspire, and offer tangible takeaways has made her a sought-after speaker for diverse organizations.

What types of audiences has Sylvie di Giusto worked with?

Sylvie has engaged with a broad spectrum of audiences spanning multiple sectors. Her keynotes are particularly resonant with individuals in customer-facing positions, those in leadership capacities, sales professionals, and others who recognize the importance of making a powerful first and lasting impression in their roles.

What feedback has Sylvie received from clients?

Feedback for Sylvie is overwhelmingly positive. Consistently ranked as a top speaker, clients laud her presentations for their impact, relevance, and the tangible change they bring. Her unique blend of expertise, charisma, and authenticity leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

Has Sylvie been featured in the media?

Sylvie’s expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed. Various media outlets have recognized and featured her insights. She is open to media interviews and podcast guest appearances. With her expertise in emotional intelligence, professional image, leadership, and first impressions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and engaging stories to any conversation. 

Does Sylvie have any affiliations with professional organizations or associations?

Sylvie is proudly affiliated with the National Speakers Association, where she has held a variety of volunteer and leadership positions throughout the years, as well as the Global Speakers Federation, where she currently serves on the board. These affiliations underscore her commitment to the speaking profession and her dedication to continuous learning and excellence in her field.

Has Sylvie earned any awards or certifications?

Sylvie has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the speaking community and has earned numerous awards. Additionally, Sylvie has achieved the Certified Speaking Professional designation. Her commitment to excellence and service is evident in the recognition she has garnered from both national and international organizations. 

How can one contact Sylvie for bookings?

Engaging with Sylvie is straightforward. For inquiries, bookings, or just to chat about potential collaborations, Sylvie’s team is readily accessible through her website’s contact page. Alternatively, you can also send an email to [email protected] or call them at


How does Sylvie define emotional intelligence?

For Sylvie, emotional intelligence isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the bedrock of effective decision-making, fostering genuine understanding, and cultivating successful interpersonal relationships. It’s about recognizing our own emotions and those of others, and using this awareness to manage our behavior and relationships adeptly.

What are the five cornerstones Sylvie emphasizes?

Sylvie breaks down emotional intelligence into five tangible cornerstones: visual, behavioral, non-verbal & verbal, digital, and social intelligence. Each cornerstone plays a pivotal role in shaping our interactions, decisions, and perceptions. By understanding and harnessing these, individuals can elevate their professional and personal interactions.

Which keynotes are most popular with Sylvie?

Sylvie offers a diverse range of keynotes tailored to organizational needs. Standouts include her immersive keynote experience, “The Power of Choice,” as well as her interactive keynotes, “You’ve 7 Seconds. Make them count,” “The Image of Leadership,” and “Discover Your Fair Advantage.” Each keynote is meticulously crafted, drawing from her vast experience, to resonate with and empower her audience, ensuring they leave with actionable insights.

What is the essence of "The Power of Choice" keynote?

“The Power of Choice” is a transformative keynote that delves into the profound impact of intentional choices on personal, professional, and organizational growth. Sylvie combines her expertise in behavioral psychology with her extensive corporate experience to showcase how our choices influence interactions, relationships, and outcomes. Enhanced with vibrant visuals and 3D projections, this keynote blurs the lines between reality and illusion, leaving audiences deeply inspired and motivated. For organizations, this keynote promotes employee engagement, aligns individual choices with organizational objectives, and fosters a culture of understanding and adaptability. For the audience, it’s a journey of self-empowerment, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Attendees will grasp the significance of their choices and how these decisions can shape their professional trajectory and personal growth.

What is the essence of the "You've 7 Seconds. Make Them Count!" keynote?

This keynote emphasizes the criticality of first impressions in the business world. Participants will gain insights into how others perceive them, how this perception impacts their professional image, and the broader implications for their organization. Through interactive exercises, attendees will understand unconscious biases, engage in self-discovery, and learn to leverage various forms of intelligence to build stronger relationships and achieve professional success. Organizations benefit by developing a workforce that understands the power of first impressions, aligning individual and organizational brands, and fostering a customer-centric culture. For the audience, it’s about self-reflection, self-motivation, and self-expression. They’ll leave with tools to make intentional choices that align with both personal and organizational goals.

What's the essence of "The Image of Leadership" keynote?

“The Image of Leadership” underscores the importance of leadership presence in today’s dynamic world. Leaders are guided to leverage emotional intelligence to make purposeful choices about their leadership style. The keynote emphasizes the alignment of personal and organizational brands, the power of first impressions, and the importance of leading with integrity and authenticity. Organizations will witness a shift towards a leadership culture that inspires and empowers teams. Leaders will gain insights into their unique leadership style, fostering trust and credibility with stakeholders. The keynote equips leaders with strategies to enhance decision-making, problem-solving, and overall effectiveness.

What is the "Discover Your Fair Advantage" keynote about?

Discover Your Fair Advantage” is a deep dive into what sets professionals apart in the workplace. It’s about identifying and leveraging one’s unique selling points or “fair advantage.” Through introspection and exploration, participants will uncover the combination of qualities that make them stand out, enabling them to present, act, and communicate with authenticity and confidence. Participants will embark on a self-discovery journey, understanding their unique strengths and areas of improvement. They’ll learn to harness their unique selling points, leading to increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and job satisfaction. This understanding empowers them to make a lasting impact in their careers, building trusting relationships and standing out in their professional endeavors.

How does Sylvie prepare for a keynote or event?

Sylvie takes a meticulous approach to her keynotes and events. She begins by understanding the audience, the event’s objectives, and the overarching theme. This involves liaising with organizers, conducting preliminary research, and sometimes even surveying attendees. Sylvie then tailors her content to ensure it resonates with the audience, making each presentation unique and impactful.

Can Sylvie's keynotes be adapted for diverse cultural audiences?

Absolutely! Sylvie’s multi-cultural background and extensive international experience equip her with a unique ability to adapt her presentations for diverse cultural audiences. Her understanding of global nuances ensures that her content resonates universally, making her a favorite choice for international events.

How long are Sylvie's typical keynote presentations?

Sylvie’s keynote presentations typically range between 45 to 60 minutes. However, she’s incredibly flexible and has delivered in various time frames, from succinct 20-minute talks to comprehensive 8-hour workshops. The duration can be adjusted to fit the event’s needs and schedule.

Are there any prerequisites required from the organizers before Sylvie's session?

To ensure a seamless and impactful session, Sylvie engages in a pre-call with the organizers. Additionally, a pre-event questionnaire is provided to gather essential details. After the event, a debrief call is scheduled to discuss feedback and outcomes. For interactive keynotes, additional materials might be required, which are conveniently available in Sylvie’s material shop. This comprehensive approach ensures that Sylvie’s presentations are tailored, relevant, and engaging.

Can Sylvie's keynotes be recorded?

We welcome videographers and photographers to capture Sylvie’s dynamic presentations. However, it’s important to note that the recordings and photographs are for internal use only. After the event, Sylvie’s team will kindly request a copy of the video and all photographs taken during her session.

Where can one view Sylvie's keynote demos?

To get a glimpse of Sylvie in action, her video vault features a variety of keynote highlights and demo videos. These offer a window into her speaking style, content, and the energy she brings to every engagement.

What is Sylvie's keynote fee?

It depends! Factors like event type, location, duration, and customization play a role. For a tailored quote, reach out to her fabulous team. They’re always ready to help you find the perfect match for your budget!

Where can I find Sylvie's event materials and colleterals?

You can access all of Sylvie’s event materials and collaterals on her dedicated “Keynote Speaker Kit” page, a comprehensive collection of resources tailored for event organizers and planners.


In what formats does Sylvie deliver her keynotes?

Understanding the evolving needs of organizations, Sylvie offers her keynotes in various formats: in-person, virtual, or hybrid. This versatility ensures that no matter the circumstances, her powerful messages can reach audiences everywhere, providing accessibility and convenience.

Does Sylvie customize her presentations?

Every organization is unique, and Sylvie recognizes that. She offers customization in her presentations, ensuring they align perfectly with specific organizational goals, themes, and challenges. It’s not just about speaking; it’s about resonating and making a difference.

Does Sylvie offer breakout sessions or workshops?

Sylvie offers interactive breakout sessions on various topics. These include “Meeting, Working, and Leading Remotely,” which focuses on effective virtual communication and presentation skills; “Your Digital Footprint,” which delves into understanding and managing one’s online presence and reputation; and “Difficult Conversations,” which equips participants with the skills to handle challenging discussions in a professional setting. Each session is designed to provide actionable insights and tools for participants.

Does Sylvie offer virtual or hybrid presentations?

Sylvie provides both virtual and hybrid presentations, live or recorded. Leveraging her vast experience in virtual learning environments, she ensures high-quality, interactive sessions that captivate audiences. Sylvie adeptly navigates the intricacies of virtual presentations, blending advanced technology, interactive components, and compelling content to guarantee a memorable experience for all participants.


What sets Sylvie's immersive keynote experience apart from traditional keynotes?

Sylvie’s immersive keynote experience is a mesmerizing journey that combines captivating narratives with high-value content, all enhanced by cutting-edge 3D imagining technology. It’s designed to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impact on attendees, transcending the boundaries of traditional presentations.

How does the 3D imagining technology enhance the keynote experience?

The 3D imagining technology creates an illusion of a 3D environment, immersing the audience in a captivating experience. Sylvie uses cutting-edge visual effects, interactive storytelling, and impactful sound effects to transport attendees into a world of magic and wonder.

What content does Sylvie cover in her immersive keynote experience?

Sylvie delves into the impact of emotional intelligence on professional and organizational success. She emphasizes the importance of making intentional choices in daily situations, exploring the five cornerstones: Appearance, Behavior, Communication, Digital Footprint, and Environment. Sylvie provides actionable insights throughout the keynote, empowering attendees to apply modern emotional intelligence concepts in their professional lives. These insights help enhance self-confidence, foster strong customer relationships, and drive success.

How is the immersive keynote experience tailored to the theme of an event?

Sylvie’s immersive keynote experience can be customized using visual effects and interactive elements to align with the theme of your event. This ensures that the content and presentation resonate deeply with the audience and the event’s objectives.

What are the technical requirements for the Immersive Keynote Experience?

Some requirements include a dark room or dimmable lights, a centered ceiling-mounted projector, a provision to hang a projection surface, a stage with a minimum depth of 9.84 ft (3 m), a confidence monitor, and a collaborative AV team. Sylvie and her team work closely with event organizers to ensure seamless integration.

How does Sylvie ensure the technical execution of the Immersive Keynote is seamless?

While the immersive experience might sound complex, Sylvie simplifies the magic. She provides the main technical hardware, and her dedicated AV team supports event organizers, either virtually or in person, ensuring every step is executed flawlessly.


What books has Sylvie di Giusto authored?

Sylvie has penned three insightful books: “Discover Your Fair Advantage,” “The Image of Leadership,” and the upcoming “Make Me Feel Important.”

What is Sylvie's book "Discover Your Fair Advantage" about?

Discover Your Fair Advantage” is a guide to identifying and leveraging one’s unique selling points in work, business, and life. It offers tools and insights to enhance professional visibility, improve self-awareness, and communicate strengths effectively.

What is Sylvie's book "The Image of Leadership" about?

The Image of Leadership” provides a roadmap for crafting a powerful professional imprint. It emphasizes the significance of appearance and image in leadership, offering strategies to make impactful first impressions and avoid common pitfalls.

What is Sylvie's upcoming book "Make me feel important" about?

This book dives deep into the five cornerstones of emotional intelligence essential for creating world-class customer relationships. It emphasizes making customers feel valued and appreciated, fostering loyalty, and transforming businesses into customer-first entities.

Where can I purchase Sylvie's books?

Sylvie’s books are available on Amazon as paperback, Kindle, and Audible audiobooks.

Can I incorporate Sylvie's books into my event?

Sylvie offers her books at exclusive customer pricing for events. Incorporating her books can enhance the event’s impact, providing attendees with valuable insights and memorable resources.

Does Sylvie offer any online learning courses?

Sylvie’s “How You Impress” Mobile Learning Lab is a unique educational platform that delivers laser-focused lessons ranging from 10 to 20 minutes directly to your mobile device. The program offers content-rich video lessons, engaging exercises, and interactive elements to enhance one’s impression and executive presence.

How is the Mobile Learning Lab different from other online courses?

Sylvie’s mobile learning lab stands out due to its convenience and personal touch. Lessons are sent directly to your phone, eliminating the need for passwords or navigating complex online platforms. Moreover, participants can text Sylvie her directly with questions, ensuring one-on-one support and guidance throughout the learning journey.

Can Sylvie's courses be integrated into corporate training programs?

Sylvie’s courses are designed with adaptability in mind. They can seamlessly be integrated into corporate training programs, enhancing the learning experience for employees. Whether it’s leadership development, personal branding, or effective communication, Sylvie’s content complements and elevates existing training modules. Collaborating with 

Does Sylvie offer any free materials?

Sylvie offers a plethora of free resources aimed at professionals and business owners who wish to make a lasting first impression. These resources emphasize the significance of first impressions, intentional choices, professional branding, and emotional intelligence, and how they can influence one’s career or business trajectory.

Does Sylvie offer a newsletter?

Sylvie offers a free newsletter that provides valuable insights, tips, and updates. No spam. Pinky promise.


What coaching services does Sylvie di Giusto offer?

Sylvie offers two distinct coaching programs: “Uplevel My Career” for executives, professionals, high-performers, and job seekers, and “Uplevel My Business” for small business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers.

What can I expect from the "Uplevel My Career" coaching program?

The “Uplevel My Career” program is tailored for career-driven professionals. It focuses on eliminating limiting beliefs, boosting confidence, elevating your professional profile, refining career vision, improving appearance, behavior, and communication skills, mastering charisma in the workplace, and maximizing reputation and market presence.

How does the "Uplevel My Business" coaching program benefit business owners?

This program is designed for those aiming to stand out in a saturated market. It helps assess your company’s current status, develop strategies to differentiate from competitors, create promotional materials, establish profitability metrics, implement effective systems, and provide continued support for business growth.

How does the coaching process work with Sylvie?

Sylvie’s coaching journey involves six steps: an introductory call, a detailed career or business assessment, goal setting, action plan formulation, continued support, and result tracking to measure outcomes and improvements.

How do I know if Sylvie is the right coach for me?

If you’re goal-oriented, experienced, effective, disciplined, and committed to personal or business growth, Sylvie’s coaching approach is likely a great fit for you. Her expertise and unique perspective can provide immense value to those ready to take their career or business to the next level.

Does Sylvie have any offerings for fellow speakers?


If you have any further questions or need clarity on any of Sylvie’s offerings, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help and ensure you have all the information you need.

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