First and lasting impressions of leaders matter now more than ever, and those impressions are heavily dictated by the way leaders represent themselves within and beyond your organization. How do others perceive the leadership potential in your leaders based on their first impression of them? Irrespective of whether they are seasoned leaders or have just been promoted, they must understand the importance of leadership reputation, which is the sum of what others think, feel and say about them and has a significant impact on their ability to lead effectively. Do employees respect their leaders? Do they follow them? Are they inspired by them?

The ability of leaders to understand how their appearance, actions, and behaviors reflect on their company, and affect their professional reputation, and define their brand as leaders, is crucial. Leaders should be deliberate about how they want to be perceived by others, including their team members, peers, bosses, and those beyond the corporate walls. 

Success and the bottom line depend on leaders being aware of their personal and professional brands and ensuring that they align with the culture their employers want to create within their team or organization. They build trust and credibility when they are recognized as strong and effective leaders, thus attracting top talent and inspiring others to succeed. By leading by example, leaders can ensure their teams understand and take ownership of the culture they are trying to develop.

To succeed, leaders should focus on cultivating their own leadership reputation, understanding how others perceive them, and developing a culture rooted in professionalism within their teams or organizations. Doing so will enable them to build a strong leadership brand that will last for years to come.

When leaders fail to realize how their appearance, words, and actions affect others, their leadership brand becomes at odds with the culture they seek to create. Team members may lose their trust and respect, potentially affecting morale and performance. They can only succeed as leaders if they leave a lasting impression with intentionality and awareness.

The reputation of leaders goes beyond what they do at work—it includes how they appear, behave, and communicate outside of work. In today's 24/7/365 world, their leadership brand follows them wherever they go. Every action they take, professionally and personally, contributes to their reputation as a leader.

A leader's reputation does not just revolve around them—it also revolves around the team members they lead. As a result, how team members present themselves professionally will influence their leader's reputation.

For leaders to build and maintain a strong reputation, addressing any issues with professionalism and poor judgment that their team members might exhibit is essential. Leaders need to approach these conversations deliberately and with empathy to ensure that any misunderstandings are clarified, not to mention that there will be no legal repercussions.

Leaders in more traditional or hierarchical environments may find it challenging to adapt to a more collaborative and egalitarian culture. To maintain their reputation as leaders, leaders must demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, and empathy in these situations.

In some industries, leaders may need to maintain a strong leadership reputation by appearing, behaving, or communicating in a more reserved or formal style. Some industries may accept leaders who portray a casual style, allowing them to express their personality and assert their authority.

Baby boomers are retiring, and Gen Z and millennials are entering the workforce, creating a growing divide in how these generations view professionalism and standards. As a result, they represent themselves in different ways and act in ways perceived differently by others. Therefore, leaders must find a way to bridge this generational divide and create a leadership culture that appeals to all generations.

Cultural differences can also influence how leaders appear, behave, or communicate to be perceived as strong leaders. In some areas of the world, informal appearance, behavior, or communication may be more appropriate, but in others, maintaining formal is important.

As technology evolves, online branding and reputation play an increasingly crucial role in leadership. Because of the growing importance of social media, it is imperative that leaders pay attention to how their online brand is being presented.

The greater the financial investment customers make, the greater the expectations are that your company is lead by professionals who instantly establish trust and credibility. If your leadership team wishes to be seen as a group of serious and strong leaders who can be trusted with high-end clients and deals, they need to ensure that their personal reputation matches that level of trust.



I have a proven track record of delivering engaging and thought-provoking keynote presentations for audiences that include leaders of all levels. I am consistently ranked as the top speaker at annual, mid-year conferences or leadership training because of my extensive experience, unique delivery style, and relevant content.

That’s why event hosts and organizations continue to book me for their leadership related events, including the following

My keynote presentations and training sessions for events or organizations such as yours are packed with valuable insights, practical tools, and tips your attendees can put into practice right away. I provide content tailored to the particular needs leaders on how to

  • present the winning appearance of someone comfortable in command.
  • convey the critical, confident behavior of a leader who understands the mission of the company, the needs of the people working for it, and the ways to achieve success for both.
  • communicate in a natural, convincing style that persuades those listening (and watching) to trust—and to follow their lead.
  • leave a digital footprint behind that helps protect their identity and your company’s reputation.

With a shared, fun, interactive experience, I will equip attendees with the awareness and skills to represent themselves, their products and services, and their corporations with confidence, clarity, and conformity.

By leveraging my extensive experience and unique perspective in the leadership arena, I promise to bring your event to life. As a presenter, I’ll show up extremely prepared and go the extra mile to ensure my presentations meet the highest standards. Accordingly, I will adapt the material for your conference or event, take into account the specific needs of your audience, and concentrate on the key messages you want to convey. I will deliver a keynote presentation or training that leaves a lasting impression on your leadership team. 

I would be honored to speak at your annual conference or training event and help your leadership team make a favorable first and lasting impression at every step along their leadership journey. Make sure to reach out to me and ask me for a copy of “The Image of Leadership.” I’d be happy to send some your way if you would like to know my work.


What distinguishes Sylvie as a professional trainer is the care and attention she devotes to her diagnostic and customization process. She truly delivered on what she promised.

Eileen GallagherProfessional Development Specialist | Geller & Company

This was the BEST presentation we had during this meeting and that I have ever experienced. There was so much value in what you left with us. I think you have taught me something that will stick with me forever and that I will be able to share with others in and out of work.

Christine BronneBoutique Operations Manager | Nespresso

If you’re not working with Sylvie, you’re missing out on how you and your organization can make the best and most lasting impression.

Josh PackardCEO | The Packard Group



I have been “one of you” for nearly twenty years. I understand the corporate world and the world of speaking like few other speakers in this industry.


I have already reached tens of thousands of participants worldwide and have planted the seed of first impressions for themselves and their organizations.


I connect with a wide range of audiences of varying cultures, genders, and ages and I have the ability to address everyone from the doorman to the CEO.


I create a memorable experience in a fun, creative and informative way. I “do” the unexpected, and your audience will remember the lessons I share.


I do not use canned presentations because I know each industry, company, and audience has its own challenges and needs a different approach and way to inspire them.


I amaze my clients. I deliver a level of excellence that they could not imagine was possible. Good is never good enough for me.


I am easy to work with. I’m not the kind of speaker who has special requests. Instead, I focus on making your stressful job as easy as possible.


I’m all yours for the entire day, and I’m happy to be involved in additional engagements such as photo ops, book signings, VIP lunches or dinners, etc.


I truly love what I do, and I feel very privileged that you are considering me as the speaker for your upcoming event.


I’m happy to take you up the stairs. Yes, literally. Join me in climbing the highest buildings in the world. If I can do it, you can too! 😉