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Media and entertainment professionals know firsthand how important it is to make a lasting impression. After all, they are in the business of being seen and heard by the public. There is probably no other industry in which you are more likely to find yourself under the public microscope than the media entertainment industry. Media professionals know firsthand how something can go viral and spiral out of control. However, are they also aware that how they are perceived individually can have profound effects not just on their professional reputation but also on their company’s bottom line?

Nowadays, customers expect professionals working in this field to be innovative, creative, and always on trend. They don’t just buy into a product, service, or campaign. They want to buy into the professionals behind it. They must trust that the people working for them are competent, reliable, and knowledgeable. Customers are now looking for a personal touch more than ever when it comes to the brands they support. They want to know that there is a human behind-the-scenes who genuinely cares about their experience. That is where first and lasting impressions play an important role. They want to immediately feel as if they were the only customer being cared for at the present moment. This is usually not possible, but, unfortunately, if they are ignored, it strengthens stereotypes that they already have in their heads about what to expect from professionals that they trust with their financial investment.

As a result of these stereotypes, customers have high expectations of those who work in the media and entertainment industries. Whether you’re a creative director, publicist, producer, sales executive, or marketer, you need not only to meet but exceed these expectations.

That’s why those working in the industry are often put under a lot of pressure to perform well. This can be a challenging thing to deal with daily.

Media and entertainment industry professionals should constantly be aware of their professional reputation because their words and actions impact both customer perception and overall customer experience—for the better or worse. Customers' perceptions of professionals who work in this field can play an essential role in future customer behavior, including the likelihood of making repeat purchases. Customer experience plays a significant role in turning first-time customers into lifelong customers and advocates who recommend a company's services and products to other potential customers.

Professionals in the media or entertainment industry must be aware of the significant impact of first impressions if they wish to ensure positive experiences across the entire customer journey. It is vital that they understand how the assumptions customers make based on these impressions can result in either a positive or negative outcome of any customer transaction.

Appearance, demeanor, and attitude all impact how potential and current customers perceive them and, therefore, the products and services they sell. In other words, their personal reputation is as important as their company's reputation.

In this industry, it's important to project a dynamic personality, and success is determined by creative thinking and the ability to make an immediate and powerful connection. For professionals in this industry, being able to highlight these traits will mean that they need to pay attention to how they are instantly perceived by others, as well as how they can showcase these qualities. Do they portray themselves as creative visionaries, or are they seen as inflexible and resistant to change? These are the characteristics that customers subconsciously seek out when deciding whether to spend a significant amount of money on your campaigns, products, or services.

In the media and entertainment industry, customers are looking for more than just a service or product. They want a personal connection with the professionals they work with and the feeling that they are part of the team. Relationships are everything in the media and entertainment industry, and only those who focus on building solid relationships will succeed. That's why it's so important to focus on building relationships rather than just transactions. By ensuring that every interaction is not just positive but outstanding, professionals can create, nurture, and strengthen this relationship bond.

During the sales process, professionals in this industry must often sell ideas and concepts that have yet to be executed or produced. A product that exists only in the minds of the people who work in the industry is a lot harder to sell. Professionals in creative fields may never turn a potential customer into a buyer if they cannot create extreme value right away or, even worse, if they fail to make a good impression. Correcting perceptions can be challenging in these crucial moments when ideas and concepts are presented, therefore, can have a tremendous effect on the project's outcome and, in the long run, on their company's bottom line.

PR, media, and entertainment industry professionals are sometimes viewed as "self-promoters." They are casual, do not follow company rules or guidelines, and do not seem concerned about how they are perceived. Media and entertainment professionals are more likely to use relaxed language because the industry is so creative and expressive, which means the way they communicate is often more informal. It is important to remember that this casualness can come across as unprofessional, especially to customers who are used to dealing with other businesses in a more formal setting. This preconceived notion can be detrimental to their career or business success, because it can cause them to appear unprofessional, superficial, or even untrustworthy, none of which are qualities that customers seek in their partners or that bosses desire in their employees.

Customers are bombarded by companies' advertisements, messages, and promotions on a daily basis—in any industry—so personal interactions and the human touch are key differentiators when it comes to choosing one company over another, especially in an industry as relationship-driven as media and entertainment. Most often, if customers have a choice between two providers, partners, products or services, they will buy from the one that makes them feel more comfortable and taken care of—the one that made a better first and lasting impression. Being the best means standing out from the crowd and offering something unique. Professionals need to demonstrate that they understand their customers' needs and pain points and can solve their problems right from the beginning of every interaction.



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