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Educators and administrative staff are often the first points of contact for any educational institution, whether it’s a small local school, a large university, a national institution, or an international education board. From parents and students to school boards, policymakers, advocacy groups, teachers’ unions, professional associations, and members of the local community, it’s vital that educators and staff make an impactful first and lasting impression on the stakeholders they interact with, because stakeholders will often form their opinions of an institution based on how its employees conduct themselves.

In an environment that involves children and families, first and lasting impressions are crucial. Educators shape the minds of future generations, so they should always strive to put their best foot forward and instantly show stakeholders that they are committed to the success of every student. This means more than just getting good grades; it also involves developing social and emotional skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, and resiliency, and being role models.

With support from their administrative staff, educators should be able to confidently represent their school, campus, institution, or district in a variety of settings. Conferences with parents and teachers, board meetings, community events, and professional development workshops are valuable opportunities for educators to express their expertise and intentions.

Educators and staff who present themselves competently, professionally, and enthusiastically will reflect well on the institution they represent. In contrast, if they leave a negative impression on stakeholders, it can be detrimental to the institution’s performance and reputation.

Establishing a positive reputation in the education industry requires a strong bond with stakeholders. This bonding process often begins with their first interaction—in person, on the phone, via e-mail, or on social media—that they have with educators or administrative staff.

During an educational journey, emotions play a significant role, because it is a period of immense growth when rational thinking is often lacking. To create strong emotional connections with stakeholders, educators need to tap into the positive emotions of all parties. For example, the more emotionally connected parents or guardians are to the school, the more likely they will trust it and feel comfortable entrusting their children. Parents and guardians may feel less comfortable sharing their concerns with the school or may even look for another educational community if they do not form this emotional connection.

Because education is partly an emotional-driven experience, people tend to share their bad experiences rather than their good ones. Thus, it is essential to create positive first impressions and build lasting relationships with parents, students, and other key stakeholders. In this way, educators will be able to build trust and support in their communities and create the conditions for long-term success for their institution.

Parents and guardians often rely on word-of-mouth recommendations when choosing an educational institution for their children. A positive experience with the school may lead to them recommending it. However, if they have a negative experience, they are more likely to spread their opinions.

Perceptions of educators and staff that place the entire institution in a negative light can be costly. Low morale among employees, parents pulling their children out of school, or negative media coverage can all result from such a perception. On the other hand, an excellent reputation can lead to increased enrollment, better morale, and more funding from parents and donors.

In today’s digital world, stakeholders can easily research an institution online before ever enrolling their child or donating money. Therefore, educators and administrative staff must be aware of the impact their behavior and actions can have on the institution's reputation and its financial success—offline and online.

Educators and administrators may focus on developing positive first impressions in person, but they should also be aware of social media's impact on their reputations. A quick internet search for an educator's name may reveal social media profiles, articles, and reviews that stakeholders may use to form an opinion about the educator and the institution they represent before they even walk in. Educators need to be extra mindful and deliberate about their social media usage to maintain a positive reputation.

As with few other industries, the pandemic has severely affected the education sector, especially in the way educators teach and communicate. Virtual teaching has given parents and guardians a chance to see how their children are educated. This transparency can be beneficial if the parents or guardians feel that the educators genuinely have the student’s best interest at heart beyond the technical challenges. This can be difficult if educators do not know how to communicate and teach online effectively.

Educators also play an important role in the communities where they live and work. Members of the education community are often seen as leaders and role models. Educators and staff members must be careful and deliberate about how they present themselves and their institutions because the perceptions they create can have a lasting impact on the institution they work for and the educational sector in general.

Educators are supported by administrative staff. They handle many of the institution's day-to-day operations, such as scheduling, budgeting, and transportation. Additionally, they often serve as a liaisons between the institution and all stakeholders. Thus, they are crucial in establishing a positive reputation for their institutions.

A positive first impression can lead to more opportunities for educators and staff, both in their current positions and in their careers. An outstanding reputation combined with greater visibility can lead to more opportunities for professional development, career advancement, and personal growth.



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