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When it comes to patients, the first thing they want to know is “Do I trust this person to take care of me when I’m (or my loved ones are) not well?”. To earn a patient’s business you must first earn their trust.

When it comes to our health, we’ll only work with healthcare professionals we trust wholeheartedly. After all, we rarely go in to see a medical expert when we’re feeling fabulous. So when you first meet a new potential patient, you may literally be seeing them at the most vulnerable times of their lives. That’s why it is incumbent upon you to ensure you and your team are conveying that trustworthy impression from the start.

Sylvie di Giusto, international keynote speaker and personal branding expert, has been called upon countless times from healthcare providers for her scalpel-sharp insights and actionable advice. Through her dynamic conference presentations, healthcare professionals will discover all the tools needed to display an authoritative yet empathetic impression to new patients, while reinvigorating their relationships with existing ones.

Through her lively, engaging interactive sessions, Sylvie shows healthcare professionals exactly what traits people look for in their new healthcare providers, and how those people will instantly judge whether or not you possess those traits. From chiropractors to veterinarians, from front desk employees to top executives, Sylvie has been given her lessons to clients such as the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, Health Agents of America (HAFA), Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC), SideCar, FiveFour, and Merial.

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Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, or a clinic receptionist, you’ll be able to take away strategies on how to present a welcoming and competent Appearance, demonstrate attentive listening and empathetic Behavior, respond with efficient, ice-breaking Communication to solicit the information you need from your patients, and establish a friendly, enticing reputation with a Digital Footprint that attracts new clients by the droves!

We only have a few seconds to make a lasting first impression, and during that time frame a patient will decide if they believe you are the right choice for them and their particular healthcare issues. Make them count!


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“Sylvie is AMAZING. She spent a lot of time with me and the other director beforehand so she could cater her message to what we were looking for – and then she nailed it. She went above and beyond what we expected of her. She is a gem.”

Mary Bryant
Director of Professional Affairs | Merial


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“She is simply amazing. I have attended many conferences and without a doubt, Sylvie ranks at the top for her public speaking and impressive presentation.” ”

Ronell Nolan
Chief Executive Officer | Health Agents of America


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“She commands an audience and finds creative ways to engage and educate. Her experience and confidence are infectious and our conference attendees who were fortunate enough to hear her speak, left revitalized, informed and motivated.”

Linda Shaifer
Education & Engagement Leader | Medical Tourism Congress

With so many healthcare options out there, the medical space is becoming more crowded and competitive. Now’s the time to bolster your team’s personal presentation skills, and equip your organization’s professionals with the ability to win over new patients by conveying to them that you understand their problems, care about fixing them, and have the experience and expertise to do it right.


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Sylvie believes that emotions are the gatekeepers of our memories. That’s why, to deliver a truly memorable experience, she takes your Administrative and Executive Assistants through the emotions of joy, reflection, self-attention, and laughter. She does the unexpected, keeps them engaged and on their toes, and creates moments of surprise. To reinforce the key concepts of her topic, she lets them experience what their first impression actually says about them.

Sylvie knows that speaking is never about the speaker.
It’s about engaging the audience and making them the star of her presentation.

Sylvie di Giusto shows healthcare professionals how to utilize the crucial moments when meeting patients, employees or bosses and maximize their impact. Don’t hesitate to contact Sylvie and book her for your next meeting or conference!


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