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No matter whether you sell a multi-million dollar service or a small-dollar product,
the first thing you’re selling is y.o.u.r.s.e.l.f.

Want to know how to present the precise appearance of someone a customer wants to buy from? Or how to display the behavior of someone a customer trusts immediately and implicitly? How about how to communicate in such a powerful manner that customers simply can’t say no to? These are only a few out of dozens of professional tips to be gleaned from Sylvie’s interactive presentations.

International keynote speaker and corporate trainer Sylvie di Giusto has spent twenty years studying the factors which impact how customers relate and respond to business. One of the most fascinating insights is just how critical the first few seconds of any client-business interaction are. Sylvie has turned the results of her studies into actionable tactics used by Fortune 500 clients around the world to drastically enhance their sales strategies and increase their conversion rates. No matter what your audiences’ experience level, it’s worthwhile to let learn the latest techniques to up your game and boost your sales figures. From Adecco, Grant Thornton, Manulife, to Prudential, Sylvie has helped countless organizations improve their customer relations.

Want to understand the exact psychology of how to impress and win over customers within the first seven seconds of their client-salesperson encounters? Sylvie shares her proven “ABCD” formula, which details the most effective methods for addressing and breaking down every possible barrier to total customer bonding. She tackles the dozens of mental micro-judgements which all people make about one another upon meeting, and turning these into distinct advantages to the seller, because even the most stellar sales professionals don’t always fully understand how to maximize their advantages to the greatest effect.

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“The uniform consensus among my team is that Sylvie is the best speaker they have had – ever. I couldn’t agree more.”

Bill Ravenscroft
SVP, Head of Sales and Account Management | Adecco


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“Sylvie is AMAZING. She spent a lot of time with me and the other director beforehand so she could cater her message to what we were looking for – and then she nailed it.”

Mary Bryant
Director of Professional Affairs | Merial


Sylvie di Giusto, 12 Reasons to work with her

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“Participants that attended her workshop are still discussing what they learned and took away from her session.”

Monika Mikiciuk
Manager Sales Training | Prudential

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Sylvie believes that emotions are the gatekeepers of our memories. That’s why, to deliver a truly memorable experience, she takes your Administrative and Executive Assistants through the emotions of joy, reflection, self-attention, and laughter. She does the unexpected, keeps them engaged and on their toes, and creates moments of surprise. To reinforce the key concepts of her topic, she lets them experience what their first impression actually says about them.

Sylvie knows that speaking is never about the speaker.
It’s about engaging the audience and making them the star of her presentation.

Sylvie di Giusto shows sales teams how to utilize the crucial moments when presententing themselves to potential or existing clients. Don’t hesitate to contact Sylvie and book her for your next sales meeting or conference!


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