A company’s bottom line is directly impacted by how customers perceive its employees, including software developers, hardware manufacturers, or engineering research and development firms. Your customers’ perception of professionals at these companies is as crucial as products or services. Technology professionals who make a stellar first impression will be more likely to be perceived as competent, trustworthy, knowledgeable, reliable, approachable, and passionate—all characteristics that today’s increasingly connected world demands. From how they dress to how they behave and speak, the way they present themselves is critical.

Unfortunately, many professionals working in the technology industry are stereotyped as “nerds,” “geeks,” or “techies” who aren’t good at socializing. They have no interest in the business they operate in and only love technology for its own sake. Technology professionals seem to break or circumvent the dress code, work schedule, business etiquette, and communication channels. They are only interested in their technologies; financial numbers, strategies, and markets are not their concern.

Clearly, this is not true. However, this preconceived notion can undermine their career because it makes them seem unapproachable, antisocial, reclusive, or arrogant, none of which are qualities that customers seek in their technology providers.

In addition, the greatest challenge comes when technology professionals see themselves this way and let themselves be pigeonholed into a negative stereotype. This lack of self-awareness or self-esteem may cause them to be overlooked for promotions and passed over for opportunities to work on high-profile projects because they are not seen as leadership material. 

It is vital for technology professionals to understand their position as highly valued members of the team behind some of the most popular and cutting-edge products, services, and technologies in the world. Whether they work in the sales department of IT, on the engineering research team, or as a vice president of marketing, they must portray themselves as agents for change and innovation and instantly show these characteristics with their behavior, appearance, and communications—online and offline. Professionals who convey these traits from the start set the tone for the customer experience and transaction to come, which in return impacts the company’s bottom line.

Do your technology professionals realize how critical their role is to the business’s bottom line? Do they understand the stages of the customer journey and the importance of their personal interactions at each stage? 

Technology professionals must be aware of the impact that first and lasting impressions have on ensuring that customers have positive experiences throughout the customer journey. It is essential that they understand how assumptions based on these impressions can lead to a favorable or a negative outcome for customer transactions.

Customers' perceptions of professionals in this field can affect their future behavior, including whether they will make repeat purchases. An excellent customer experience can convert first-time customers into lifelong customers and advocates who recommend a company's services or products to their family, friends, and colleagues.

The appearance, demeanor, and attitude of technology professionals influence how potential and current customers perceive them and, by extension, how they perceive the products and services they are selling. Thus, their personal reputation is as vital as the company's reputation.

Technology professionals' language and communication styles are often exact and frank. Because of their style and technical vocabulary, customers often instantly reject and misunderstand their approach. For their ideas to be understood by nontechnical people, they need to communicate clearly and concisely, which builds relationships with their customers and earns their trust from the start.

Technology professionals closely follow the latest industry developments to stay on top of the latest trends. Because their skills quickly expand or become outdated, they must continuously train themselves. Some professionals forget that success involves not just knowing everything about the products or services but also depends on how they present themselves to the outside world. They may be unaware of how significant an impact they have personally on the outcome of any customer-related transaction.

Competitiveness is high in the technology industry, and businesses are constantly competing for customers' attention. Customers are bombarded daily with advertisements, messages, and promotions from companies—making human interaction a significant differentiator, especially in such a technology-driven environment. Between two similar products or services, customers are more likely to purchase the one sold by professionals who make them they feel comfortable and cared for.

A customer's perception can be influenced positively and negatively by their interactions with the professionals they are dealing with. Out of fear of the unknown or frustration with technology, customers often prioritize a bad experience over a good one. Customer perceptions will be irreparably tarnished if they feel misled or mistreated during their customer journey, and they become more inclined to share negative experiences with others.

A customer's first contact with a technology professional will usually be via the internet, or via email, chat, or telephone. Even without ever having met these customers in person, technology professionals must instantly project confidence, knowledge, and sincerity.

As technology evolves, online branding and reputation play an increasingly important role in leadership. Because of the growing importance of social media, it is imperative that technology professionals pay attention to how their online brand is being presented.

The technology landscape is constantly changing, and companies must keep up. It's essential to demonstrate that they are keeping up with the latest trends and developments to appear credible and competent. Even outside the corporate walls, customers observe these traits in technology professionals. Their personal lives, behaviors, communication styles, and social media outside of work influence how they are perceived as business professionals.



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