*Professionals who are born, identify or have a lived experience as women

Through my experience as a corporate leader and a keynote speaker at women’s conferences, events and initiatives, I have seen and experienced firsthand the assumptions and biases that many women face every day in the workplace. Women face particular assumptions about how they present themselves—how they dress, look, and behave, and what this says about their skills, talents, and abilities. Too shy, bossy, cold, emotional, ladylike, cute, angry, or argumentative are just some of the labels often applied to women. They must constantly fight these assumptions and demonstrate their commitment to their work. These assumptions and labels also affect the view they have of themselves. As a result, women may lack confidence because they feel powerless and unheard even when they try to speak up, so they miss out on career opportunities. 

There are a lot of clichés that feed the myths. Women don’t speak up, don’t raise their hands, don’t pursue top jobs, and lack the assertiveness they need to lead. The myths reinforce the message that they must change if they hope to succeed by focusing on their supposed shortcomings or by behaving like men. This is not true; as a better approach is to empower women and help them identify and harness their strengths.

We all know the potential that women bring to the workplace. The moment they understand how their first and lasting impressions affect themselves and their professional reputations, they can begin to control their success. When women invest into building their professional and personal reputations and embrace their own unique strengths, they can thrive in any industry or profession, gain a larger share of the decision-making power and influence, and ultimately have a significant impact on their organization’s bottom-line success.

By changing how they see themselves and how others see them, we can enable and empower them to achieve their full potential in any field or profession.

Making a conscious effort to present themselves confidently, assertively, and professionally at work can help women build a professional reputation that opens doors and helps them succeed professionally.

We want women to be empowered and achieve their full potential in any profession or industry. In that case, it is crucial that we start by helping them understand the assumptions and biases that hold them back. They need to have confidence in their skills and be ready to take on new challenges.

Women can break down barriers and mistaken assumptions on their path to success if they use the right mindset and strategy. With self-awareness and confidence, they can overcome any challenges and achieve true equality at work.

Women who pay attention to their appearance, behavior, and communication style and create a strategy for how they wish to be perceived in the workplace will be more likely to achieve their career goals. This means using their strengths as women to their advantage, not placing their gender or gender choice first.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to changing the way women are seen in the workplace. Because every woman is different, each one will have to find an approach that suits her.

Some women mistakenly believe that they must appear, behave, or communicate like men to be successful. That couldn't be further from the truth! There are many strengths and abilities that make them valuable members of any team or organization.

Only by understanding the challenges women face regarding perception and reputation will we be able to help them overcome the obstacles in their way and achieve true parity with men in the workplace. Addressing these stereotypes will free them and reduce the resistance they experience.

A common assumption is that women are not aware of how they're perceived. However, many women are highly attuned to the way they're seen by others and are constantly trying to adjust their behavior accordingly. The problem is that they're often operating under a false set of assumptions.

Another assumption is that women lack confidence. Women are just as capable as men of feeling confident and assertive. The problem is that they often don't feel entitled to these emotions and end up holding themselves back as a result.

Women also face the assumption that they are not visible enough. This is often due to the fact that they are socialized to be more passive and to avoid attention. As a result, they often don't take advantage of opportunities to showcase their talents and abilities.

Self-care is crucial for women and is often undervalued. Being successful requires them to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. For decades, women have often put their own needs last, caring for children, siblings, parents, and partners. In putting others first, they tend to neglect their own needs. Women must learn to take care of themselves first before taking care of others or to be successful in the workplace.



I have a proven track record of delivering engaging and thought-provoking keynote presentations for audiences that include women (and men) of all levels. I am consistently ranked as the top speaker at annual or mid-year conferences because of my extensive experience, unique delivery style, and relevant content.

That’s why event hosts and organizations continue to book me for their women-focused conferences, events, or initiatives, including the following

My keynote presentations and training sessions for events or organizations such as yours are packed with valuable insights, practical tools, and tips women (and men alike) can put into practice right away. I provide content tailored to the needs of women in the workplace.

With a shared, fun, interactive experience, I will equip attendees with the awareness and skills to represent themselves and their corporations with confidence, clarity, and conformity.

By leveraging my extensive experience and unique perspective at your conferences, events, or initiatives for women, I promise to bring your event to life. As a presenter, I’ll show up extremely prepared and go the extra mile to ensure my presentations meet the highest standards. Accordingly, I will adapt the material for your conference or event, take into account the specific needs of your audience, and concentrate on the key messages you want to convey. I will deliver a keynote presentation or training that leaves a lasting impression on all your guests—women and men alike.

I would be honored to speak at your annual conference or training event and help your attendees make a favorable first and lasting impression at every step along their career paths.


In 27 years of planning conferences and hearing thousands of speakers, it’s truly rare to be enlightened and moved by one. I heard Sylvie di Giusto speak recently and she blew me away.

Tami ForeroCEO | Forte Events

I am still at a loss of words for how incredible, warm, real, and engaging Sylvie is. She is truly one of, if not the best, speaker I have had the opportunity to hear and engage with.

Keri GlothSenior Event Producer | The Special Event Company

Her thought-provoking presentation energized the group intellectually and physically, as Sylvie had participants on their feet and interacting with each other in exercises that perfectly complemented her talk.

Monique Y. WellsFounder and CEO | Wells International Foundation

It was truly an eye-opening, inspirational and rewarding presentation. I would strongly recommend Sylvie. Her presentation provides the perfect insight for any organization that is looking to empower its individual employees.

Leslie RosaSales Manager | Diversified Communications HQ

This woman will leave you hanging on to every word. I walked away inspired to be the best version of myself. Watch out Wonder Woman; there is a new superhero in town who goes by Sylvie.

Rochelle ArmstrongFront Line Leader | Humana

Sylvie literally ‘brought down the house’! With energy, passion, personality, style and rock-solid research, she had us all listening to every word with baited breath for each statement was a pearl of information dropped in the collective pool of our influence that I can already see the ripples of extension.

Lanalee Arabe SamFounder | Concierge Pregnancy Group



I have been “one of you” for nearly twenty years. I understand the corporate world and the world of speaking like few other speakers in this industry.


I have already reached tens of thousands of participants worldwide and have planted the seed of first impressions for themselves and their organizations.


I connect with a wide range of audiences of varying cultures, genders, and ages and I have the ability to address everyone from the doorman to the CEO.


I create a memorable experience in a fun, creative and informative way. I “do” the unexpected, and your audience will remember the lessons I share.


I do not use canned presentations because I know each industry, company, and audience has its own challenges and needs a different approach and way to inspire them.


I amaze my clients. I deliver a level of excellence that they could not imagine was possible. Good is never good enough for me.


I am easy to work with. I’m not the kind of speaker who has special requests. Instead, I focus on making your stressful job as easy as possible.


I’m all yours for the entire day, and I’m happy to be involved in additional engagements such as photo ops, book signings, VIP lunches or dinners, etc.


I truly love what I do, and I feel very privileged that you are considering me as the speaker for your upcoming event.


I’m happy to take you up the stairs. Yes, literally. Join me in climbing the highest buildings in the world. If I can do it, you can too! 😉