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Has there ever been a more important time for corporations or associations to empower women?
How about a top female keynote speaker and former executive who has walked (and still walks) the talk herself
in a male dominant environment?

Despite the many achievements and accomplishments, female leaders all over the world have demonstrated during the past years, women still face many (seen and unseen) obstacles in their workplace. That’s why women’s conferences and initiatives are still necessary and crucial part of the corporate and cultural landscape to empower women and help them advance their organization, advance those around them and advance themselves.

Female Keynote Speaker, former executive and proud mother, Sylvie di Giusto, is an internationally recognized thought leader in first impressions, who brings her hard-won insights to the table through her engaging, high energy presentations. After nearly twenty years in leading positions in corporations, Sylvie established her own female-centric brand and as the Author of The Image of Leadership, she tackles the major issues facing women in the workforce—from copying with gender bias to trusting yourself as a strong-willed career woman.

By adding her valuable tools to your attendees’ toolkit, they’ll see the difference as they discover a whole new way to represent themselves with confidence and poise. From the National Association of Professional Women, to the Women in Design and Construction Network, to the top 100 Women in Hedge Funds, or the women leadership conferences at the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, thousands of women (and men) have benefited from Sylvie’s winning techniques on: how to display a successful yet still totally feminine Appearance, how to demonstrate top shelf confidence through demeanor and Behavior, how to deliver concise, on-point Communication, and, crucially in this day and age, how to craft a savvy online Digital Footprint.

Watch Sylvie in Action

Let Sylvie help your female leaders to advance their organization, advance those around them and most important advance themselves first. Contact Sylvie today to request more information about her energizing presentation for your next women’s event!


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Quotation Mark

“Through Sylvie’s Personal and Professional Image Roadmap, she provided a lighthearted, honest revelation of looking at one’s self and how can ‘all of that’ empower you within your individual career/journey.”

Leslie Rosa
Sales Manager | Diversified Communications HQ


Sylvie di Giusto, One Sheet

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“Her workshop was a huge hit and enjoyed by all. She’s a fabulous speaker and I would recommend her for any industry!”

Amy Katz
Managing Director Conferences and Tradeshows | Women in Design and Construction


Sylvie di Giusto, 12 Reasons to work with her

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“We have a diverse group with young women, mid-career and senior execs – the session with Sylvie rocked for all of them! Absolutely invaluable at whatever stage in career.”

Patti Cataldi
Chapter President | The WIT Network (Women in Technology)

Reach out to discuss your women’s event with Sylvie and how she will share everything women leaders need to know about her trademark “ABCD” model, used by countless businesswomen around the world to enhance their personal impressions in a matter of seconds.


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Sylvie believes that emotions are the gatekeepers of our memories. That’s why, to deliver a truly memorable experience, she takes your Administrative and Executive Assistants through the emotions of joy, reflection, self-attention, and laughter. She does the unexpected, keeps them engaged and on their toes, and creates moments of surprise. To reinforce the key concepts of her topic, she lets them experience what their first impression actually says about them.

Sylvie knows that speaking is never about the speaker.
It’s about engaging the audience and making them the star of her presentation.

If you’re ready for instant transformative results which translate into immediate growth of your female (and male) attendees, contact Sylvie and book her for your next women conference or training event. There’s never been a more important and better time.


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