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First Impressions. And Beyond.

Seven Seconds. This is that brief moment in time when others first see you, whether it’s at a meeting, on the job, or in an interview. They may have some prior knowledge of you, but this is the first time they actually lay eyes on you. Learn more about what happens at that moment and that the game isn’t over after seven seconds. Because outstanding leaders leave lasting impressions by how they look and how they present themselves, always and everywhere.

The Difference between Stereotyping and Judging

While you’ve been reading this blog, you may be thinking about that loaded word, “stereotyping,” of which the dictionary definition is, “a conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image—one that is regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type.”From very early in our life, one lesson, which we all learn is that stereotyping is bad, bad, bad. And I know, from very early in our life, one lesson, which we all learn is that stereotyping is bad, bad, bad. I disagree. Not because I think stereotyping is good, good, good. I just wouldn’t generalize it that

Do you lead by example?

The most important job in your leadership role is to create more leaders. And great leaders lead by example. By walking the talk, you become a leader others want to follow. As a leader, you set an example for those in the lower hierarchies of your company, who always—I repeat, always—watch how their leaders appear, behave and communicate. I encourage each and every one who leads a team to set the direction by creating the best possible professional image for their own because action simply speaks louder than words. It’s like an unspoken standard, an unspoken dress code, grooming and

Does a Dress Code Policy always help?

To everyone who answers “yes,” you are wrong. To everyone who answers “no,” you are also wrong. To everyone who answers “it depends”—congratulations! When in come to a Dress Code Policy it really depends. The purpose of a Dress Code Policy A written policy that includes rules and regulations in terms of dressing and expectations in terms of personal grooming is the best first step for any organization. Some companies even go a step further by including their requirements in terms of attitude and behavior, or usage of social media during and after work hours. From the perspective of a

How to tell someone you smell?

One of my duties as an image consultant is, to be honest with my clients, the participants in my training sessions, and the people I coach. It falls upon me to tell them the truth about their body features, their speaking voice, their attitude and manners, their grooming, their personal hygiene… and therefore sometimes their bad breath. These are the kind of conversations that can make every leader’s knees shake. You might be surprised, but it’s easy for me to do this. Because, I’m an external person, and one of my fellow image consultants once said, “We’re in the business

Be stronger than your excuses!

Being a poor role model is the easiest way to undermine your own authority as a leader. Does that mean you have to follow all the rules (and burdens) your company puts on you? Maybe. Does that mean you can’t have your own style, you can’t stand out and show your personality? Absolutely not. Strong leaders don't struggle Influential leaders are confident, and they trust themselves enough to live their own interpretation of a professional imprint and image. They have put so much thought into it and created a very defend image, that their presence is instantly felt when they

Should I dress more like a man?

Women sometimes propose to me the idea that they should dress more like a man in order to be more accepted in their male-dominated working environments. In training sessions, I make fun of that idea by walking over to the first man I find in the room. I ask him with an ironic undertone, “James, we think you appear a little bit too dominant, a little bit too bossy, a little bit too macho, a little bit too masculine. Would you mind dressing a little bit more like a woman, a little bit more feminine?” Everyone agrees that this would

Is your age relevant as a leader?

Many older men and women tell me they are scared to compete against all those young men and women applying for the same jobs. They ask me to help make them appear much younger and all they worry is, is my age relevant as a leader? Honestly, I find that many older individuals look well past their age because life has beaten them down. Illness, caring for their parents, life stresses and many other factors can often make us look older than we actually are. Sometimes we just look tired—very, very tired. We often forget about taking care of ourselves

Do you need custom-made clothes?

I talk a lot about suits and business attire, and how necessary they are for any professional imprint. I also talk about how you need to work with the body you have. If you’re like most professionals, in the course of your career there'll come a time when you've to consider custom-made clothing instead of pulling your business attire off the rack. Not only is it a visual sign that you give thought to your professional appearance, or that you’re willing to invest in perfectly fitted and high-quality pieces; it’s simply a matter of fact that’s related to

Does your weight affect your career?

It’s often a dreaded conversation and one we do not always like to think about. But seriously, does your weight affect your career? When clients contact me because they feel uncomfortable with their weight, I honestly tell them that they must do two things that may seem to be contradictory. You must accept your body as it is right now and have full confidence in yourself. You must continually strive to improve your health and your fitness. Confidence is your best designer No matter what you may think about your weight, you need to succeed now. You are capable of

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