What do you think matters the most about your presence in the workplace?

For those who work in an office or in-person working environment, it is common to focus primarily on the skills you bring to your employer and the knowledge you carry with you. It is easy to forget, especially as you get further along in your career and more comfortable in your workplace, that showing up as your best physical self is just as important for gaining respect as knowing your stuff.

If you do not put any thought or effort into your professional appearance, you may not get the respect you deserve from those working around you. The piece “Grooming at Workplace” released by the leading Indian staffing company TeamLease Services reported that eighty-nine percent of respondents felt that “style of dressing has a long-term impact on the overall image of an individual.”

Proper grooming, looking polished and put together, mattered most to the survey’s respondents. The survey found that eighty-three percent of senior executives believed that “unkempt attire” detracts from a woman’s executive presence. In comparison, seventy-five percent of senior execs believed it detracts from a man’s executive presence. With such high percentages reported, this survey really speaks to what is valued within the workplace and how to ensure you are standing out in the best way.

First Impressions Reminder:

Apart from being focused and motivated in your workplace and being an expert in your position, it is also essential to show how serious you are about your work in the way that you present yourself physically. Having good grooming habits is a simple way to maintain a professional demeanor in your place of work. For men, it can be as simple as having a clean shave and kept hair. For women, you do not need to load up on makeup; all you need is to style your hair and have a clean, fresh look. In fact, it is usually going to work in your favor not to overdo it on makeup, hair gel, or any other products that you use to get ready in the morning. Instead, use these products to ensure you look put together and awake going into your day. This may add a few minutes to your morning routine but can be hugely beneficial for your career.

The best tip I give to my clients is to keep a hairbrush, extra hairbands, whatever you need to freshen up midday if the need arises. If you always have the items you need to freshen up your look, you will still be prepared if you happen to get stuck in bad weather, if you get overheated in the office and need to freshen up your hair or makeup, whatever the reason may be you want to be equipped when the need presents itself to you.

If you put a little bit of effort into your grooming and are sure that you are putting your best foot forward every day, you will be more likely to advance in your career and gain the respect of those working around you in your office space. Again, be sure this effort does not begin to decline once you are comfortable in your place of work or get more established in your career. If you get too comfortable and allow yourself to slip, you are holding yourself back from any future opportunities that you may be given in your career.

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