As a leader, looking good is important, but obviously not enough.  Great leadership is more than planning your “look of leadership”. In fact leadership, in general, is not so much a thought process as it is instinctive behavior. And your behavior includes the sum total of your actions; first and foremost your attitude. Great leaders with a positive attitude carry themselves like champions, and they purposefully show their positivity in the way they look but also behave and communicate. Just by looking at leaders with a negative attitude, we assume they are mad, sad, indifferent, difficult to work with, probably not very successful and definitely not happy.

A bad attitude in the workplace can lead to laziness, rumor, rudeness, bullying or any activity that lowers overall morale and effectiveness of the organization you work for. And if you’d like to be perceived as a leader within this organization, you’ll have to lead by example which includes a positive attitude, no matter what.

Do you have the attitude of a leader?

A great leader is an individual who has earned the respect of others and who leads them effectively and in the right direction. Leadership is able to inspire at all times, and the key to this is your attitude.

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Great leaders use influence to orient others towards their goals. Being a great leader is less about being the smartest and more about understanding others and what makes a team work together to reach solutions. Personality is central to the workplace; depending on their personalities, people come together in harmony or in conflict, and tensions can easily be caused. The best leaders will harness the strengths and skills that people have and use them to their best abilities, meeting the demands of the workplace.

Leadership has been described by Forbes as a marathon rather than a short sprint

As the workplace becomes more flexible, diverse and mobile than ever before, leaders need to adapt to the changes and see them in a positive light. The best leaders inspire their teams to work hard on a long-term basis. The visionary leader inspires through exciting ideas, and their teams follow them and are motivated by their enthusiasm and knowledge.

The empathetic leader relates well to others and is able to relate to and understand their experiences. The ethical leader abides by rules about behavior, with every employee adhering to these rules and the workplace becoming a moral environment. Whether they inspire their team by providing a sympathetic ear or by setting a positive example, a good attitude helps a leader reach those goals and ultimately win over others. Armed with a positive attitude, you can rally your staff around you and reward them when they reach their goals.

Listening is the most important part of effective communication

Great leaders listen to their staff and understand how to make the workplace a happier, as well as more productive, environment. Leaders with positive attitudes find that their followers appreciate the personal connection, whether it’s through empathy, vision or reward systems, and that ultimately people respond much better to someone who empowers them.

Leadership has nothing to do with title or position. It can’t be quickly fixed with a fancy suit,  expensive shoes or great makeup. Great leadership has everything to do with behavior and your positive attitude, and the natural desire to represent yourself in the best possible way – clothing included.

Do you possess the leadership behaviors needed to effectively influence your team?
Do you have the attitude of a great leader?
Will people relate to you, listen to you or be inspired by you?